Please take a seat,

pull up a chair.

We’re going to Rinfern,

we’re taking you there.


Rinfern is good,

there you are free.

Do what you want,

do as you please.


See the Haloofas

see them sway.

Wave goodbye,

they’re running away.


Ride the Bobas

feel the breeze in your hair.

Their fur is fluffy,

they jump without care.


Stergs are next,

we need to meet those.

They fight and play

they wear funny clothes.


Please be aware,

that you are happy in Rinfern,

you can sing and dance,

nobody is stern.


Here is a Gloob,

he is big and green.

he eats lots of grass,

and keeps himself clean.


Play with the Draff,

it likes to climb.

Climb up the trees,

have a nice time.


Swim in sea

with it’s sparkly blue waves,

splash in the waters

and explore all the caves.


You’re very tired,

let’s have a nap.

we’ll sleep on the Shlew,

it has a comfy back.


Now you are finished

we are all done.

You are leaving Rinfern,

in the orange sun.


Remember Rinfern,

for we had a good time

we weren’t sad or confused

there’s no rules in this rhyme.


Living the dream

There once was a man who no-one knew,

he lived on a hill called Gunafazoo.

He liked very much to stay in his bed,

where dreams of fairytales swam in his head.


One day he was a prince, the next a sailor,

sometimes a brave and strong dragon tamer!

Yes, all was well in that house on the hill,

there’s nothing like a good dream to give you a thrill!


Yet, something was missing when he opened his eyes,

he woke up wanting a world full of lies,

full of witches and princes and terrible beasts,

a world made of mermaids and bountiful feasts.


But when he did wake, all that he saw,

was his plain kitchen table and rickety door.

All that was there was a house and a hill,

all he could see was lots of space to fill.


So that’s what he did there on Gunafazoo,

he built and painted and his house grew.

Up and out and down it went,

until the man was all but spent.


People came from miles around,

to see the house that replaced the ground.

It had creatures and colours and all manner of things,

and the man on the hill was the humblest of kings.


Now everyone knew who he was so it seemed,

for his house was a kingdom from a beautiful dream.

The man’s life was happy and not at all grey,

because now he is living, not sleeping life away.