10 wedding ideas that everyone will love

1. Instead of spending days compiling the perfect seating plan, have your guests decide where to go with your own unique way point sign!

sign post

This went down really well with our guests and they loved choosing their own tables and who they wanted to sit with! (Just remember to reserve a table or two for you and your wedding party)

2. Have themed tables! We had Harry Potter:

harry potter table

Lord of the Rings:

lord of the rings table

General Disney:

Disney table


tangled table

Matilda the musical:

matilda table

Music theme

music table

and Switzerland theme

swiss train

Not only is it fun for you to come up with decorations, it’s easy too. Especially if you’re a nerd and you already have a bunch of stuff you could display! For example, we put books on every table and I already had everything for the Harry potter table so no need to buy expensive decs.

3. Snacks for your guests. There’s no telling what will happen on your wedding day so it’s always good to be prepared- especially with ample food. It’s a long day and you want your guests to be happy! This doesn’t have to be expensive though- we just went to the local supermarket and bought some sweets that went with the theme of each table!

chocolate violins

chocolate coins

4. Have things for your guests to do! Sometimes waiting around can get boring and your guests might have to wait for you, so if you can, get them something to do! As there are a lot of trains in Switzerland we bought a toy train set for them to play with on their table.

swiss train

Also on the music table we had a music box that guests could play. Awesome decorations they can look at will keep them occupied too!

5. Lighting… With a wedding, it’s easy to miss something like lighting for your hall. Don’t dispair though, this can be really simple and inexpensive! We just got cheap jars in bulk and electric candles to put in them for cute lanterns. I went and painted silhouettes on them to go with our tables themes, here are a few:




6. Make everything!! Honestly, this is what saved us. We had big ideas but we didn’t want to spend a lot as we have the Monica and Chandler approach of “we don’t have to have a big wedding, all we want is a successful marriage”. However, as I’m an artist, I was able to do a lot of the details and decorations by hand. I made this snuggly duckling sign for our tangled table with the help of my Dad:


I did the lanterns, drew the Disney castle for the Disney table, me and my husband made and decorated boxes for the Matilda table, I drew the invites and we used snapfish to print them out and we even made our own confetti out of cheap amazon books:


There are lots of things you can do- on your own or with help- to make your day special and personal!

7. Ask people to help. I mainly asked the people who helped us because I knew they were talented and we wanted our wedding to be very personal. However, if you are running out of money this can help in that area as well. We found the generosity of our friends astounding and working with people you already know is a lot easier. My old boss made our cake, (I’m sorry about the photo, this was the only one I have to hand)


one of my Mum’s friends did the flower arranging and made us this super cute ring pillow:

ring pillow

my bridesmaid and husbands Dad did musical items for our ceremony, a good long time friend did our catering, my Dad made the amazing sign which I started this post with (which I painted) and last but not least, without us even asking her to, my Mum’s friend made my wedding dress.

8. Have an interesting guest book. Who wants a plain old guest book? We didn’t!! One of the first things me and my husband did together was play giant jenga, so we had our guests play jenga. If they got a block out successfully, they wrote on one of them, if it fell down it was up to them to set it back up and try again. If you do have a “guest book” like this then remember to write instructions next to it as there won’t always be someone  around to instruct guests on what to do.

jenga guest book

9. This can be for the bride or the groom: add a personal touch to your wedding outfits. Our wedding colours were purple and green to represent our two favourite things at the time: Lord of the rings and Tangled. So, my Husband wore a purple tie and I had green on the stem of my bouquet. I also had flowers in my hair and a Harry Potter necklace that read “mischief managed”. But I think the coolest thing we did was decide that me and my made of honour were to have a home made bouquet. (I did have two mades of honour but sadly there were only enough flowers for one extra bouquet) These were  done out of books and sheet music as we both play an instrument and like to read.



10. Last but not least, enjoy yourselves!! This one actually gets missed a lot. Yes, you do need to make sure your guests have a great time but is it their wedding? No! It’s yours! So make it the way YOU both want it as well as pleasing your guests. Fight for little touches you know no-one will notice but will make you happy when you see them. Fight for a day plan that makes you satisfied, even if it’s a little strange. Make sure it’s your day! For example, my husband doesn’t dance and although I like to dance, dancing with everyone’s eyes on me makes me really anxious. So guess what? We didn’t have a first dance! Surprise surprise, you don’t have to follow social norms- do what makes you happy. I did end up dancing, but I found that better than having an announced dance that has to last a whole song.

So, there you go. Some simple things for you to have the best day ever! This was a long time coming, we’ve been married about 7 months now but I’ve always wanted to do this as I really enjoyed my wedding and I want as many people out there as possibleto enjoy theirs too 🙂


Harry Potter and the cursed script

So, I’m going to be a proper internet blogger and post a review online… How exciting! I just read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I had such strong conflicting reactions to it that I just had to write about it. This will not contain any spoilers at all. Also, these are MY views. If you think something else then I’ll welcome your opinion but that’s all there is here: my opinion. Not fact.

First of all, I’d like to say that if I was writing this review just after reading the first half, I’d have told you that I was elated, hooked, over the moon and couldn’t wait to devour the next half. And although I had a very hard time getting used to different people writing it, it met my high expectations and that’s all I had hoped for. I understood and sympathised with the characters and felt that I could be friends with them. I was also really impressed with the story and the underlining meaning behind it. I enjoyed getting to know the next generation and was pleased with how they turned out. It was unexpected, unknown and that made it exciting and a real page-turner. The only criticism I had with it so far was that it read a little like fan-fiction. But I put that down to the foreign writing style and dealt with it.

Now having read it all, I am confused and frustrated but most of all, disappointed. I felt like the people who wrote it both had read Harry Potter but completely ignored all of the finer details. As if they had read it but thought “but wouldn’t it be better if this would happen” and wrote The Cursed Child just so they could do that for themselves. These finer details that are explained in the Harry Potter books make some of the situations in The Cursed Child completely and utterly impossible. I actually said out loud whilst reading it at one point “well that’s just ridiculous”.

The reason why I loved Harry Potter was how believable it was, you know it’s not true but there’s that little bit in your brain that thinks “but it could be though”. The Cursed Child smooshed that into the ground simply by being a little too silly. And I know what you’re thinking, Harry Potter is full of witches and wizards and talking hats and giants but it all made sense. It all fit. However, The Cursed Child didn’t make sense to me. Maybe that’s just me being stupid and missing something but I know those books inside and out and so I thought I would at least have been able to understand it.

I also loved Potter because JK Rowling wrote them for herself. All the things she wrote were for her own reasons. She wrote to escape and she poured her heart and soul into those books and you can feel it when you read them. They’re painfully beautiful in that aspect. You escape with her and Harry. The Cursed Child felt like it was written by fans, for the fans. They make a lot of references that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t familiar with the Potter universe before hand. And a lot of the situations- even though they were new, felt recycled and stale. As I said before, it read like fan-fiction. I would’ve loved to have been able to read it completely separately from the legendary seven, as if it were the start of a new series but Cursed Child simply didn’t allow that. It didn’t let you move on. I didn’t enjoy the nostalgia, mainly because I found it very difficult to say goodbye to Harry and now it’s like being forced to do that again but with a strange, warped version of it. It felt… Desperate to me.

I did love one of the main things people are deliberating over at the moment though and that’s “who is the Cursed Child?”. Me? I think it’s everyone. I think the book is trying to say that everyone has flaws, everyone has their moments, everyone is cursed. I really like that they allow for you to come up with your own theory and any of them work. And I always appreciate a book that presents the whole world as equals and Cursed Child did do that very well. I also enjoyed the repetition and magic in it. I would love to see how they manage all of it on stage.

So to summarise, I think if they write another one that’s completely and utterly about Harry and co’s kids- the next generation- and about new plots, new adventures and new schemes, then it will do really well. Because that’s what Cursed Child should’ve been. It should’ve felt like coming home to find everything’s changed apart from the glow in your heart that tells you that you’re home. If JK Rowling was more involved, that should’ve been easy. Because the books are a part of her. The Cursed Child wasn’t. It was the distant relative at best. It set itself up in the first half so, so well and just when it was a lovely big balloon, it deflated. I’m so sorry I feel this way. I wish I could’ve enjoyed it and I wish I could be happy with it but I’m just not. But as I always say, that’s just me, feel free to comment with your feelings and whether you disagree or not. I will read it again and just make sure I’m not missing anything but right now, all I’m missing is a creation by JK Rowling.