Makes a Difference

It’s not a secret that I have a great love of movies. I’m not one of those people who knows who the producer and director of all their favourite movies are. I don’t even know most of the actors to be honest. There’s just something about movies that makes my heart swell. It’s such a lovely feeling going to the cinema, sitting down with a treat and knowing that for the next 2 hours, the only thing you are expected to do is watch  something.

But something has been on my mind lately. With all the new movies that companies have produced in the last 5 years or so, I’ve seen more and more movies that are so obviously made for making money above anything else. Every company except it seems, studio Ghibli. I’ve been a fan of Ghibli ever since my friend introduced me to it when I was about 8 years old. I’m pretty sure it was either Kiki’s delivery service or My Neighbour Totoro but ever since she showed me that movie I have been absolutely infatuated with the company, the style of animation and even Japan in general.

It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The exquisite animation was mind blowingly amazing, the stories were heart warming, weird and imaginative and the music is too stunning to put into words. And yet, where are all the plushies? The costumes? Why aren’t there 3 different versions of each DVD, one with commentary, one with bonus features and one with extended scenes? I was so used to seeing merchandise for all my favourites but I couldn’t find anything from a Ghibli movie. The only piece of merchandise I have ever found in an actual shop was a place in Brighton where they sold a small amount of Totoro toys.

When you see a Disney movie, you can see how hard they’ve worked to put in jokes both for children and adults, they’ve gone out of their way to conform to the latest trends and they’ve very obviously designed all their characters to be sellable as either a costume or a stuffed toy. I found it all started with Frozen. Everywhere you went it was Elsa and Anna dresses, shoes and tiaras. Olaf and Sven toys, mugs and plates. Different DVD’s where the only difference was the cover art. Colouring books, dressing gowns, socks, wigs, coats, key-rings, you name it, they produced it.

With pretty much every film they made after that, I could see a “can we make merchandise out of this?” attitude oozing out like a fungus. I can rarely see a Disney movie now without seeing merch everywhere. And it’s not just Disney, a lot of the other major film companies are guilty of this too but I find Disney is one of the worst.  They’re even re-making their own movies now! How is that showing that they have a good movie company? They’ve got such a lack of imagination that they’re copying themselves. (I’m not actually complaining about the new live action movies though because they’re some of my favourite movies Disney have come out with lately but you get what I mean).

And with all this happening, companies producing so many movies that their imaginations are being squeezed dry and making so much merchandise you could spend your life savings collecting it all, Ghibli comes in with their next movie. It’s been a year, maybe even two since their last one. You haven’t seen any adverts on the t.v. and it’s far too strange to ever be a blockbuster hit. Maybe one of the characters can be made into a toy but you can’t see it in any shop. None of the clothes are special enough to be made into costumes. It’s such a breath of fresh air. Ghibli’s movies are a reminder of nature, quiet moments and enjoying life. They don’t go out of their way to please the masses, they please themselves. They make something they can watch and be proud of.

If only the other companies could remember what it was like when they produced movies just because they enjoy it. It would make all the difference.




The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Disneyland Paris

Including reviews of EVERYTHING we did, advice and recommended day plans.


Overall thoughts:

My husband and I went to Disneyland for the first time in August Half term 2017 for two days and had an incredible time! I’ve seen loads of recent one star reviews on Tripadvisor that are simply baffling. The only reason anyone could possibly hate this magical place is if they don’t plan their trip properly and leave their brains at the turnstiles as they enter the park. So by reading my guide to DLP I really hope you come back from your trip as happy as we were.

The experience we were after is probably different to yours, so although I will go into so. Much. Detail. Go and do research on your own of things you would really like to do. The main differences will probably be that we weren’t too bothered about actually meeting characters and we weren’t all that excited about the Star Wars area in discoveryland. We wanted to have a nice explore, go on some rides and feel some Disney magic that you wouldn’t get in other theme parks.

Advice for getting the best experience:

Firstly, do your research. You’re paying about £100 a ticket, why on earth would you go if you don’t know anything about it? But to be honest, if you’re reading this guide then you are researching, so I don’t need to explain that too much.

One of the main things we learned is to not get too bogged down with your plans. Don’t be afraid to wander from land to land as you find the best waiting times. Most importantly, don’t stick with your original plans if that would mean queueing for too long or joining a queue for a ride that’s broken down (we did see people do this which is just crazy!). Just go with the flow, set yourselves limits and be sensible.

Also, arrive EARLY!! Get there an hour early. If you don’t, you will miss out on getting into the park when it actually opens and therefore miss out on getting the best waiting times for the most popular rides. Yes, you will need to queue to get into the park no matter when you enter. The best thing to do is get the train because it pretty much lands you slap bang in the middle of the two parks. Or get a Taxi or stay near the parks. Just please, please, don’t. Drive. Judging by the bad reviews on Tripadvisor, most of the worst experiences start with “we drove in and got to the entrance at 10am”.

We went for 2 days, for us this was enough. More than that and we would’ve been Dinsey’d-out. What was really worth it was going to Paris for a day in-between. We actually went to Paris the day after our second day in Disneyland as well. This is so nice as you get to see some amazing sights and you have a good break from all the ruckus. To do this, we got a week train ticket which was about 30 euros each (well worth it) and a hotel halfway between Paris and Disneyland. Doing this was perfection!!

I’m not going to put the full guide here because it’s like 15 pages long… So instead I’ll put a set of links here to the other parts of the guide and you can decide which parts to read if you don’t want to read them all 🙂

Answers to questions we had before visiting the park

Day plans based on our thoughts and what we did.

Reviews of the places we ate at

Shortcuts and bad weather walkways (this post isn’t mine, it was just very useful to us so I’m linking it here. Thanks to Laura for writing this! You made our trip much easier!)

Rides and attractions- ratings and thoughts 


Rides and attractions at DLP- what to expect

Rides and attractions- ratings and thoughts (contains minor spoilers, I will warn you when a review has a spoiler, don’t worry!)

* = It was awful, don’t do it!

** = You might as well do it

*** = Worth seeing but not worth long queue times

**** = Should be a high priority on your list

***** = A must see attraction.

Something you should know: I am a big wimp when it comes to rides, I don’t like sharp turns or going upside-down so if I like a ride, it doesn’t do any of that 🙂 I will also say if a ride does anything that I found remotely scary in another way.

Pirates of the Caribbean: ***** AAAAAAH I cannot express how perfect this ride was!! Okay so it’s not the most thrilling ride in the world… it does have small moments but it’s no roller coaster. The best bit is obviously the theme. You need about a million eyes to catch everything, even the smell is reminiscent of being out at sea. If you’re familiar with the films you really cannot miss this.

Big thunder mountain: ***** If it wasn’t for Pirates, this would be my favourite ride in the park. It’s thrilling without being scary, the theme is great and the views it gives you of the park are incredible. Also, it’s much longer than loads of other roller coasters I’ve been on (but to be honest, this is true of every ride at DLP apart from the kids rides).

Hollywood Tower of Terror: ***** So I was really nervous to go on this ride but honestly, it’s delightful! Obviously if you don’t like drop rides, don’t go because that’s literally all it does. However, the ride technically isn’t a drop ride as it actually pulls you down faster than gravity which sounds scary but isn’t. This effect lifts you from your seat giving you a completely different ride experience from drop rides and although the drops were high they didn’t feel long because of this. The story is really good and the feeling it gives you is very pleasant. It left me giggling with delight all the way through and wanting to go back on… which we did!

Ratatouille: My husband’s rating: ***** My rating: **** The only reason I rated this lower than my husband is because Ratatouille is his favourite disney movie (drawing with Tangled- he has good taste!) and I didn’t like the actual ride as much as him. This ride is all about perspective as you’re shrunk down to the size of a rat and have an experience similar to what happened to Remy throughout the movie. I found some bits a teeny tiny bit scary but felt very safe the whole time, the ride is really smooth due to it being trackless and the visuals are absolutely stunning. It’s also good to have so much “interaction” with the characters as you’re kind-of being taken through the ride by them. My husband hugely enjoyed this ride and said he would give it 6 or seven stars if he could!

Seeing Maleficent: **** So if you didn’t know, something that it exclusive to DLP is that you can go under the castle and see Maleficent in her dragon form. It’s really cool to see and very unique.

Swiss Family Robinson tree house: **** This is a great little bonus if you’ve seen the film. (We watched the film especially so we would get the references and I would recommend this). It’s also open for a long time and incredibly beautiful in the dark.

Crush’s coaster: **** Duuuude, how could you not love a ride that has Crush in it? This ride has a great queue line, beautiful introduction, and a thrilling middle and end. I found that it was just at my limit as it was quite dark for the scarier parts which I didn’t really appreciate. But it really feels like you’re going down the e.a.c. and was very smooth and pretty overall.

Buzz Lightyear’s laser blast: ***.5 (couldn’t decide between 3 and 4 stars) A great ride for big kids, really nice interaction throughout the ride. The scenes it takes you through are very well done. The reason why it’s got 3 stars is because neither of us found it as interesting and cool as some of the other rides. Also the ride kept on stopping whilst we were on it which I know is usually unavoidable in a theme park and probably won’t happen to you but it did down-grade the experience somewhat.

Peter Pan: *** Peter pan’s ride was the biggest -and pretty much only- disappointment we had. The theme is lovely and very well executed, but we didn’t think it deserved all the hype it gets from other guests. The ride itself felt bumpy, jerky and uncomfortable. Considering that you’re meant to be flying in a ship, it didn’t make any sense to us why Disney wouldn’t update it to be a smoother ride for a more immersive experience. The other downside was the length, compared to the other rides it was pretty short and for a 40+ minute waiting time (it broke down whilst we were waiting in the queue) it just didn’t feel very worth it in the end.

Aladdin’s passage: *** If you did have to wait for this, it wouldn’t be worth it but you pretty much never have to wait which is nice. I actually really loved this, it’s a short walk-through with moving displays depicting different scenes from Aladdin’s story. It was just really nice to have a break from being in the hot sun and looking at interesting displays of one of our favourite Disney movies.

Studio Tram tour: *** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. A good word for the tram tour would be “dated”. It looked like it hadn’t changed since it was first made. Something about that had an odd sort of charm to it though. Also really interesting if you like the ins and outs of how some bits of movies are put together and like to see props from movies.Elisabeth’s warning for wimps going on the Studio Tram tour:

I might’ve been fine on Tower of Terror, I definitely wasn’t fine on this! The tram tour rocks you back and forth at one point and is quite disconcerting of you don’t like surprises. It feels like you’re going to get tipped off the road and I cried the whole time and was very shaken up!

Pirate beach and galleon: *** This was a nice thing to do for a bit of fun but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was just cool to be actually in a story instead of looking at it.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle interior: *** I feel like me and my husband would’ve enjoyed this a lot more had we seen Sleeping beauty recently. It takes you through the story with pretty pictures of certain scenes and was nice but not overly interesting.

Alice’s curious labyrinth: *** This was a fun and whimsical walk through/maze. I say walkthrough/maze… you can’t reeaally get lost in it. Everything looks fresh and pretty and the castle at the end is also quite interesting.

Phantom Manor: *** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you’re afraid of getting serious spooks on this ride, don’t be. Nothing jumps out at you and the ride doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s just a tour of scenes from a kind-of story with general halloweeny things like cobwebs, ghosts and skellingtons. The effects and visuals are very well done though and I enjoyed it as I love spooky things.

Thunder Mesa: *** Just a very pleasant, slow boat ride. It does have little things that you can’t see if you don’t go on which gives the experience some added value. The boat itself also looks lovely!

Hyperspace mountain: *** Unfortunately for me, this space mountain is the only one in any disney park that goes upside down so I didn’t ride. My husband did however, he said that it would’ve been quite good had it been in any other park but as it was in Disneyland, it failed in comparison to the other rides in terms of theming. If you’re only going on it for Star wars, don’t. You don’t see many Star Wars characters or things, it’s just ships shooting and some stars here and there. Also not the most comfortable of rides.

Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster: *** This ride goes upside down so I didn’t ride but my husband did. Again, he said that in any other park it would’ve been good but because it didn’t have a strong theme it’s just not as good as the other rides. This was your typical launch coaster experience, in the dark with aerosmith music playing. Also not the most comfortable of rides.

Le pays des contes de fées: *** This was delightful, the only reason it’s got 3 stars was that it’s not extremely interesting. It’s just very serene and you get to see some things that you wouldn’t see on Casey Junior. It’s was nice to see some scenes from lesser known Disney movies and very refreshing to not see any Frozen things for once! Also, there are some scenes that are just from fairy tales that weren’t made into films which was lovely and surprising.

Carouselle: ** I went on this at night which was just magical. The music on this ride is fantastic, playing traditional carouselle covers of disney princess songs. It made me feel very warm inside! But it’s a maximum of 3 minutes long which is sad as when you get on you feel like you’re more or less getting straight off again… so, if it’s got a short queue, do it but if it’s a long wait, just watch it from the railings and listen to the lovely music.

Mad hatters tea cups: ** This is also beautiful at night, all the lanterns are lit and the mirrored ceiling gives it a really nice look. Sadly, this ride is about the same length of the carouselle or shorter so again isn’t worth long waits.

Les Mysteres: ** We didn’t have any clue what this was about so we weren’t very interested. However, if you know the background I think you’d have much more appreciation for it. It was just nice for us to get out of the heat and look at good displays.


You may have noticed that nothing we went on has a one star review. I find this extremely impressive even for Disney. We thought that everything had a good place and was entertaining and worth it in some way. To be honest, I think this is one of the only parks that I’ve thought that literally everything was worth doing to props to you Disney!

food at DLP- what we experienced

All the food we ate was great. We might’ve been lucky but I don’t think so as we went to four different places and they were all of a good price, quality and the staff were either just doing their jobs or going above the line of duty which usually is strange for french waiters as their culture dictates giving you space above doting on your every need. They were also very patient with you ordering your food and helpful if you don’t speak any french. The atmosphere and servers were way way better than most fast food restaurants you get in England. (Also, we did get all the unhealthy options as we were treating ourselves but there are quite good healthier options as well such as side salads and fruit cups)

Agrabah *** (Adventureland) -The theme is amazing and the food is incredible. Yes, it’s expensive but I would say it’s worth it and so would my husband. The food has great variety and is of a high quality, if you’ve got VERY fussy eaters there is little choice as it’s mainly “oriental” food. Also great because of the all you can eat aspect. I wouldn’t go back again but that’s only because if I was lucky enough to visit DLP again, I would want to pay the same and experience a different theme. A bonus here is if you’re VERY lucky a character from the film may come and visit the restaurant. However, be aware that this is rare and if you’re in a different part of the restaurant you might not even realise they’re there. They didn’t come in when we were there. The service was also friendly and patient here and I got another ears compliment!

Cowboy cookout barbecue ** (Frontier L.) -If you get a chance, go down during lunch when the band is playing because we didn’t and we thought the atmosphere would’ve been lot’s better if we did! The food was the best “cheap food” option I’ve ever had at a theme park. We had the Chicken with wedges, a brownie and orange juice with an extra beignet on the side. The wedges were the best wedges we both have ever had- in and out of a park. The chicken was also really well cooked and seasoned. We didn’t eat the brownie straight away but that turned out to be a good thing as it had gotten nice and gooey in the heat, haha! The Beignet was massive and tasted alright but I didn’t think it was worth the price. Orange juice is very nice as well. I want to give a special shout out to the lady that served us here, she was smiley, happy, patient and just absolutely delightful and helpful. She even complimented the mickey ears I was wearing. Her service didn’t seem fake at all, she didn’t stop smiling after she served us and she wasn’t over the top.

Restaurant des coulisse * (Front Lot- studios) -Try and get the seat overlooking the “street”. We were queue jumped and were quite annoyed at missing that opportunity!! The food is very similar to that of McDonalds. We both got a Chicken burger with fries, a brookie and orange juice. Again, the Chicken burger and fries were extremely similar to McDonald’s but the brookie was really enjoyable and unique. Again, the orange juice was the same as the other fast food places and very nice.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza outpost * (Adventureland) – We only went here because we wanted something different than a burger and wanted to go somewhere with a theme we liked. The music here is delightful and from the film (just without words) and the theme is very nice with jungle vines and other displays throughout. We got the three cheese pizza with garlic bread, mini ice cream and orange juice. The Pizza was comparable with very good shop-bought pizza. The garlic bread was just your average-joe garlic bread and the mini ice cream was very enjoyable but again, isn’t unique to disneyland. The orange juice was the same as the other places. The only thing I thought was a nice disney touch to this meal was that the Pizza was in a star shape, haha! If you can, try to get a seat on the terrace for a very nice atmosphere. Bonus: some of the green chairs have cushioned bottoms and are really comfortable!

Overall, the restaurants were of a higher standard than I expected, especially when put against the other parks we’ve eaten at. The only downfall were the snack items. I was already coming in with a not so great outlook on Disneyland Paris snacks as they didn’t seem as fun, unique and numerous as the other Disney parks around the world. However, it was a bigger disappointment than I’d expected. I had two simple snacks that I wanted to try that I thought they’d have: blue popcorn especially for the 25th anniversary and something Mickey shaped. The blue popcorn I saw on a youtube video so I was quite sad when I didn’t see it at any of the popcorn stands. And you’d think that any Disneyland would have something Mickey shaped that wasn’t sold out or completely naff but no. The only mickey shaped thing we saw were chocolate coated apples with marshmallows on top which I thought wasn’t worth it seeing as I could easily re-create this at home.

As I say though, the restaurants are really quite nice. But the food overall was a little disappointing considering you’re a 20 minute train ride to one of the biggest foodie cities of all time.

recommended plan for the best 2 days at DLP

This is our day plan of Disneyland Paris edited to what we did in the parks and what we thought of each thing. Some of it is in a different order than what we actually did due to rides having technical issues or long queuing times. You should note that every time it says “meet character” here, we didn’t actually meet them, we just stared awkwardly and took pictures of them between seeing other guests. I go into these experiences more in my questions and answers post.

* = Worth seeing if you’ve got spare time

** = Very good, worth seeing

*** = Must see

Day 1:

9:00am Queue to get tickets- make sure you exchange anything you have for actual tickets which is what we had to do as we only had a pre-paid voucher. If you’re unsure, it’s always better to ask to avoid any disappointment when queuing to get in.

10:00am Enter Walt disney studios park- we were lucky in that the whole park and all the rides opened at 9:30. This also happened at Disneyland but anything that hadn’t been opened for early magic hours  was shut until 10. However, it is still worth it to wait at the short cut 1 entrance to Frontierland for half an hour to get to Big Thunder mountain (day 2).


Head over to Toon studio

                                                     Popular ride: Crush’s coaster *** Go straight there, don’t look back, don’t get distracted! Some people run… don’t do that. If you don’t go here first you’ll end up waiting for over an hour at all times of the day without fail.

Fast passes needed: Ratatouille the adventure *** (we did single rider, really worth it if you can’t get a fastpass)

Mickey and the Magician*** (lasts 20mins)


Head over to Backlot

Fast Pass needed: Rock ’N’ Roller coaster * (this is my husband’s rating as I hate rides that go upside down.)

Meet Spiderman*


Go to Production courtyard

Fast Passes: Twilight zone Hollywood tower of terror *** (to be honest, you don’t usually need a fastpass for this because the wait time doesn’t usually go above 30 mins)

Meet Captain Jack (or friends) ** (we didn’t actually go and see him at all but I know I would’ve enjoyed to at least see him from a distance)

Studio Tram Tour * (see rides reviews for a warning about this ride.)

3pm consider leaving Walt Disney studios park


Enter Disneyland!

Do anything that either has good waiting times or is something you really want to see. (Just in case you miss it on day 2.) We went on and saw: Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s ride, The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, the Pirate area in adventureland, the castle and underneath and just had a general explore.

An hour before the parade head over to where you want to stand for it. The best position is on the corner just before the finish (near Fantasyland).

5:30pm Parade *** We LOVED the parade!!! Really worth going twice, the second day we got a front row view!

Explore round the park.


Suggestion- A night ride on the Carousel **– quite short but very magical! Only really worth it if 20 mins or under waiting time.

10pm Head down in front of the castle for the lights show

Suggestion- sit on a bench and when the show starts stand on the bench! We didn’t do this but apparently it’s allowed (stated by a guest online). We were lucky, on this day everyone stayed sat down so we all got a good view.

11pm (Park close, this happens at different times depending on when you go in the year) Light show *** DO THIS TWICE! It’s soooo beautiful and you may get better seats or a different view the second day.

If you leave with the crowds, you may get a chance to wave at Mickey who might be standing on the balcony of the Hotel. If you stay where you are until most of the guests leave you can get really good pictures of the castle at night but may miss Mickey. We did both!



Day 2

9:00 am get tickets and queue at entrance

10:00 am enter Disneyland!

Head over to Frontierland and get to Big thunder mountain as fast as possible, get on or get fast passes. We did this and waited about 10 minutes! You WILL NOT get on if you go ANY later than the park opening… Unless you want to wait for over an hour!!! (See shortcut number 1 in shortcuts section)



Fast Passes needed: Big thunder mountain ***

Forest of enchantment musical adventure (20mins) ** (we did this in the afternoon- check the times)

Phantom Manor **

Thunder Mesa River Boat **

Meet Woody * on the way to the train station

If you can get the train from here to Fantasyland, it’s lovely and there’s a cool surprise at the end!



Sleeping beauty’s castle *** and see maleficent *** (For good pictures of you and the castle with no one else in shot go to the left of the castle, there’s a photo op point that’s usually empty)

Alice’s curious labyrinth **

Le pays des contes de fées **

Carousel **  (at night is best)

Popular rides: Peter pan ride *

Mad hatters tea cups * (In the evening it might be five minutes wait. If so, then it’s worth it!)

Meet Queen of Hearts *


Fastpass needed: Buzzlightyear **

Les Mysteres under sea tour *

Fast Passes Needed: Hyperspace mountain * (This is my husband’s rating as I hate rides that go upside down.)



Popular rides:  Pirates of the Caribbean ***

Swiss family treehouse (worth visiting again when it’s dark, sooo pretty!)***

Pirate beach and pirate galleon! **

Aladdin’s passage **

Meet Peter Pan (and/or friends) *

Meet Aladdin (or friends)*


An hour before the parade head over to where you want to stand for it. The best position is on the corner just before the finish. (near Fantasyland)

5:30pm Parade *** (your time may be different)

After the Parade, we headed back to the Studio park to do two of our favourite rides: Tower of Terror and Ratatouille. We entered back into Disneyland at around 7:30 and explored Main street.


Suggestion- climb the castle in the evening light. -We didn’t do this but apparently you get a lovely view of the park. We thought the Swiss family Robinson tree house was better for a pretty sight in the dark.

10pm Head in front of the castle for light show

Suggestion- sit on a bench and when the show starts stand on the bench! -We didn’t do this but apparently it’s allowed. (stated by a guest online)

11pm- Light show ***

Answers to questions we had before visiting Disneyland Paris

Can you get on lots of rides in one day?

Definitely. On both days we got on a minimum of 7 rides so when you read the “we only got to go on 2 rides the whole day” comments they’re just not playing it right. The 7 rides also doesn’t include us going to shows, climbing the tree house, exploring the maze etc. Also we went at possibly one of the busiest times of the year. We never settle for waiting times over 60 minutes and that was definitely possible here.

Is it easy to see characters if you don’t want to wait in line for them?

Yes! There are characters in shows, the parade and sometimes walking through the park to get to a break area. Disneyland Paris makes it really possible to get photos of characters if you don’t mind not interacting with them. There is a small chance that you’ll get interaction at the parade but usually only if you’re at the front. As I have said, we didn’t really want to wait to greet characters but I got a high-five off Aladdin as he was walking back to his station, several blown kisses from fur characters on the parade and a couple of waves and smiles/eye contact from face characters on the parade as well.


Are French Cast Members as rude as everyone seems to think they are?

No! No no no no no nooooo. I was really confused at all the horrible comments the French cast members get from guests online. I thought “surely they wouldn’t be rude at a park” and I was right. The cast members were all delightful, organised and helpful. What everyone seems to misunderstand is French service in general. Disney is often confused with the American “can I be your best friend” type of service which you just won’t get in France. Frankly, I’m glad of it. I can’t stand American service but that’s another matter. French service is not “I just want to ignore you and do my job” it’s all about giving you space and respecting your bubble. But if you require more from them, they are always there to help and assist where possible. The main difference between the in-your-face American service and the quiet, respectful French service is that the French cast members were all very genuine. I go into this more in the food section.

Are the shows worth it?

Yessss absolutely!! I thought I wouldn’t want to see any shows at Disneyland but boy was I wrong! We went to see Mickey and the Magician, Mickey’s introduction of the 25th anniversary and The Forest of Enchantment. All were fantastic (especially Mickey and the magician) and a great way to see characters as well. It’s also a nice way to get some rest whilst doing/seeing something. The only thing is that if you want to see the shows, you should arrive about 20mins-30mins before but it’s so worth it!

How long does it take to get from land to land?

I was desperate to find this out and nobody had the answer so here it is: It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to get from land to land (within Disneyland). If you’re walking between two lands that are next to each other you’re talking 3-5 minutes. Please note that we didn’t have kids so weren’t burdened with slow walkers or pushchairs. It’s really easy and very advisable to jump from land to land to avoid being stuck with bad waiting times. To go from Disneyland to the studio Park takes a bit more time but if you’re doing it once or twice a day it’s no problem.


Here are some more obscure pieces of advice. This isn’t based on questions I had but more based on what we saw and learned whilst at the park:

At least try to speak or understand a little French or understand their culture.

It must be really hard to work in a place where you’re constantly talking in your secondary language. Therefore to give the cast members a bit of a break why not try at least saying hello, goodbye, and thank you in French? It’s easy to do and a nice gesture. You could even find out the number of your party going on rides to tell them in French how many you’ve got. Also, the shows and the rides have enough English in them for you to understand what’s going on so I think basic French like the things I’ve suggested is fine. It also must get tiring for them to get complaints about them doing things that they see as normal. For example, French waiters won’t be as cheesy or chatty as you might expect because that’s just not normal for them.

Have some snacks to munch on.

So you may have heard that you’re not allowed to picnic in the park which is true. However, you can take snacks into the parks. We went to a popular and amazing French supermarket called “Auchan” and bought these which I would really recommend:

La pailed’or- Strawberry jam wafer

Tuc cracks- sour cream and onion crackers

Twinuts- baked peanuts with different flavours

Vico Dixi riche en tomate- tomato flavoured crispy puffs

Madeleine- small cakes

At Auchan they always have cheaper “auchan” branded versions of these. It’s a really good opportunity to get different snacks you wouldn’t usually have at home.

Unless it’s rare and only available from DLP, don’t buy souvenirs.

So you’re thinking of going to Disneyland. Chances are then that you’d buy disney related things sometimes. Why would you buy them at Disneyland where everything is overpriced? The only item I got was a keychain in the shape of Mickey’s head with a “25” in the middle. I bought this as it’s an exclusive item only out for the 25th anniversary. All the other things in the shops you can buy on the online disney stores or at the disney stores near you. Remember, you may regret spur of the moment purchases that you wouldn’t do if you were anywhere else. If you stay in that mindset and always remind yourself “I could buy this somewhere else” then you’ll be fine.

Know that you are not the most important guest and Disneyland will treat every guest equally

This point may seem a bit ranty but I get so annoyed at people who seem to think they can just get away with anything. Keep this in your head throughout your stay: Disneyland doesn’t have any interest in making your day specifically the happiest day ever. Disneyland is interested in making everyone’s day the happiest day ever. Therefore, they must treat every guest the same. Lot’s of guests seem to think that they are the only ones who have paid a lot to be there and therefore deserve to do and see whatever they want whenever they want. Not. True. See, Disney is a HUGE corporation and if anything is fishy or out of line they could get extremely bad press. So you want in on a ride that is suffering technical difficulties? Not going to happen. You want to see your favourite princess even though it’s the end of her guest interaction time? No. Disney goes by strict rules and they are NOT going to cave in to customers who have the “I’m the center of the universe” syndrome.

Example of this kind of behaviour: 15 minutes before the parade we saw a man on the other side wanting to cross and he was stopped. Obviously for safety reasons, you are not allowed to cross a parade space. But he wasn’t having it and attempted to drive his pushchair onto the road right in front of the cast member and so the cast member put her foot in front of his wheel. He wasn’t happy at all about this and kept pointing at her and then at her foot and getting really in her face. Soon, a manager came and firmly stated to him that he wasn’t ever going to be allowed to cross so he’d better find another way around. (I don’t know what he actually said as I couldn’t hear any of it, he probably put it nicer than that). I was so so pleased!! So many times the underdog keeps the rules and calls the manager for support who then just caves in. Not this time! Her manager completely backed her up. I think this is a sign of a really good company who has no time for rule-breakers.

Don’t worry about not having loads of Disney knowledge, you’ll have a blast no matter how big of a fan you are.

So I was kind of worried about this as I’m not very familiar with some of the original princess movies like snow white or Sleeping beauty. And especially since I hadn’t really seen anything with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald or Daisy in it. But it didn’t matter at all! In fact, even though I didn’t really know the character, Mickey mouse is one of my favourites now that we’ve been to Disneyland.

However, we did watch some movies to prepare for it so if you want my recommendations (along with the ones we didn’t watch) here they are:

First of all, watch your favourite movie!!

Peter Pan

Swiss Family Robinson

Sleeping Beauty

Alice in wonderland

Pirates of the Caribbean



Buy special ears from etsy

I bought these gorgeous ears from etsy:


They got me so many compliments and made me feel so special when everyone else is wearing the same old ears!

I got the last pair of these but here’s the shop I bought them from: Sweet Creations 

If there are any more questions you have, please don’t hesitate to ask down in the comments and have an amazing time at Disneyland!!


10 wedding ideas that everyone will love

1. Instead of spending days compiling the perfect seating plan, have your guests decide where to go with your own unique way point sign!

sign post

This went down really well with our guests and they loved choosing their own tables and who they wanted to sit with! (Just remember to reserve a table or two for you and your wedding party)

2. Have themed tables! We had Harry Potter:

harry potter table

Lord of the Rings:

lord of the rings table

General Disney:

Disney table


tangled table

Matilda the musical:

matilda table

Music theme

music table

and Switzerland theme

swiss train

Not only is it fun for you to come up with decorations, it’s easy too. Especially if you’re a nerd and you already have a bunch of stuff you could display! For example, we put books on every table and I already had everything for the Harry potter table so no need to buy expensive decs.

3. Snacks for your guests. There’s no telling what will happen on your wedding day so it’s always good to be prepared- especially with ample food. It’s a long day and you want your guests to be happy! This doesn’t have to be expensive though- we just went to the local supermarket and bought some sweets that went with the theme of each table!

chocolate violins

chocolate coins

4. Have things for your guests to do! Sometimes waiting around can get boring and your guests might have to wait for you, so if you can, get them something to do! As there are a lot of trains in Switzerland we bought a toy train set for them to play with on their table.

swiss train

Also on the music table we had a music box that guests could play. Awesome decorations they can look at will keep them occupied too!

5. Lighting… With a wedding, it’s easy to miss something like lighting for your hall. Don’t dispair though, this can be really simple and inexpensive! We just got cheap jars in bulk and electric candles to put in them for cute lanterns. I went and painted silhouettes on them to go with our tables themes, here are a few:




6. Make everything!! Honestly, this is what saved us. We had big ideas but we didn’t want to spend a lot as we have the Monica and Chandler approach of “we don’t have to have a big wedding, all we want is a successful marriage”. However, as I’m an artist, I was able to do a lot of the details and decorations by hand. I made this snuggly duckling sign for our tangled table with the help of my Dad:


I did the lanterns, drew the Disney castle for the Disney table, me and my husband made and decorated boxes for the Matilda table, I drew the invites and we used snapfish to print them out and we even made our own confetti out of cheap amazon books:


There are lots of things you can do- on your own or with help- to make your day special and personal!

7. Ask people to help. I mainly asked the people who helped us because I knew they were talented and we wanted our wedding to be very personal. However, if you are running out of money this can help in that area as well. We found the generosity of our friends astounding and working with people you already know is a lot easier. My old boss made our cake, (I’m sorry about the photo, this was the only one I have to hand)


one of my Mum’s friends did the flower arranging and made us this super cute ring pillow:

ring pillow

my bridesmaid and husbands Dad did musical items for our ceremony, a good long time friend did our catering, my Dad made the amazing sign which I started this post with (which I painted) and last but not least, without us even asking her to, my Mum’s friend made my wedding dress.

8. Have an interesting guest book. Who wants a plain old guest book? We didn’t!! One of the first things me and my husband did together was play giant jenga, so we had our guests play jenga. If they got a block out successfully, they wrote on one of them, if it fell down it was up to them to set it back up and try again. If you do have a “guest book” like this then remember to write instructions next to it as there won’t always be someone  around to instruct guests on what to do.

jenga guest book

9. This can be for the bride or the groom: add a personal touch to your wedding outfits. Our wedding colours were purple and green to represent our two favourite things at the time: Lord of the rings and Tangled. So, my Husband wore a purple tie and I had green on the stem of my bouquet. I also had flowers in my hair and a Harry Potter necklace that read “mischief managed”. But I think the coolest thing we did was decide that me and my made of honour were to have a home made bouquet. (I did have two mades of honour but sadly there were only enough flowers for one extra bouquet) These were  done out of books and sheet music as we both play an instrument and like to read.



10. Last but not least, enjoy yourselves!! This one actually gets missed a lot. Yes, you do need to make sure your guests have a great time but is it their wedding? No! It’s yours! So make it the way YOU both want it as well as pleasing your guests. Fight for little touches you know no-one will notice but will make you happy when you see them. Fight for a day plan that makes you satisfied, even if it’s a little strange. Make sure it’s your day! For example, my husband doesn’t dance and although I like to dance, dancing with everyone’s eyes on me makes me really anxious. So guess what? We didn’t have a first dance! Surprise surprise, you don’t have to follow social norms- do what makes you happy. I did end up dancing, but I found that better than having an announced dance that has to last a whole song.

So, there you go. Some simple things for you to have the best day ever! This was a long time coming, we’ve been married about 7 months now but I’ve always wanted to do this as I really enjoyed my wedding and I want as many people out there as possibleto enjoy theirs too 🙂