10 wedding ideas that everyone will love

1. Instead of spending days compiling the perfect seating plan, have your guests decide where to go with your own unique way point sign!

sign post

This went down really well with our guests and they loved choosing their own tables and who they wanted to sit with! (Just remember to reserve a table or two for you and your wedding party)

2. Have themed tables! We had Harry Potter:

harry potter table

Lord of the Rings:

lord of the rings table

General Disney:

Disney table


tangled table

Matilda the musical:

matilda table

Music theme

music table

and Switzerland theme

swiss train

Not only is it fun for you to come up with decorations, it’s easy too. Especially if you’re a nerd and you already have a bunch of stuff you could display! For example, we put books on every table and I already had everything for the Harry potter table so no need to buy expensive decs.

3. Snacks for your guests. There’s no telling what will happen on your wedding day so it’s always good to be prepared- especially with ample food. It’s a long day and you want your guests to be happy! This doesn’t have to be expensive though- we just went to the local supermarket and bought some sweets that went with the theme of each table!

chocolate violins

chocolate coins

4. Have things for your guests to do! Sometimes waiting around can get boring and your guests might have to wait for you, so if you can, get them something to do! As there are a lot of trains in Switzerland we bought a toy train set for them to play with on their table.

swiss train

Also on the music table we had a music box that guests could play. Awesome decorations they can look at will keep them occupied too!

5. Lighting… With a wedding, it’s easy to miss something like lighting for your hall. Don’t dispair though, this can be really simple and inexpensive! We just got cheap jars in bulk and electric candles to put in them for cute lanterns. I went and painted silhouettes on them to go with our tables themes, here are a few:




6. Make everything!! Honestly, this is what saved us. We had big ideas but we didn’t want to spend a lot as we have the Monica and Chandler approach of “we don’t have to have a big wedding, all we want is a successful marriage”. However, as I’m an artist, I was able to do a lot of the details and decorations by hand. I made this snuggly duckling sign for our tangled table with the help of my Dad:


I did the lanterns, drew the Disney castle for the Disney table, me and my husband made and decorated boxes for the Matilda table, I drew the invites and we used snapfish to print them out and we even made our own confetti out of cheap amazon books:


There are lots of things you can do- on your own or with help- to make your day special and personal!

7. Ask people to help. I mainly asked the people who helped us because I knew they were talented and we wanted our wedding to be very personal. However, if you are running out of money this can help in that area as well. We found the generosity of our friends astounding and working with people you already know is a lot easier. My old boss made our cake, (I’m sorry about the photo, this was the only one I have to hand)


one of my Mum’s friends did the flower arranging and made us this super cute ring pillow:

ring pillow

my bridesmaid and husbands Dad did musical items for our ceremony, a good long time friend did our catering, my Dad made the amazing sign which I started this post with (which I painted) and last but not least, without us even asking her to, my Mum’s friend made my wedding dress.

8. Have an interesting guest book. Who wants a plain old guest book? We didn’t!! One of the first things me and my husband did together was play giant jenga, so we had our guests play jenga. If they got a block out successfully, they wrote on one of them, if it fell down it was up to them to set it back up and try again. If you do have a “guest book” like this then remember to write instructions next to it as there won’t always be someone  around to instruct guests on what to do.

jenga guest book

9. This can be for the bride or the groom: add a personal touch to your wedding outfits. Our wedding colours were purple and green to represent our two favourite things at the time: Lord of the rings and Tangled. So, my Husband wore a purple tie and I had green on the stem of my bouquet. I also had flowers in my hair and a Harry Potter necklace that read “mischief managed”. But I think the coolest thing we did was decide that me and my made of honour were to have a home made bouquet. (I did have two mades of honour but sadly there were only enough flowers for one extra bouquet) These were  done out of books and sheet music as we both play an instrument and like to read.



10. Last but not least, enjoy yourselves!! This one actually gets missed a lot. Yes, you do need to make sure your guests have a great time but is it their wedding? No! It’s yours! So make it the way YOU both want it as well as pleasing your guests. Fight for little touches you know no-one will notice but will make you happy when you see them. Fight for a day plan that makes you satisfied, even if it’s a little strange. Make sure it’s your day! For example, my husband doesn’t dance and although I like to dance, dancing with everyone’s eyes on me makes me really anxious. So guess what? We didn’t have a first dance! Surprise surprise, you don’t have to follow social norms- do what makes you happy. I did end up dancing, but I found that better than having an announced dance that has to last a whole song.

So, there you go. Some simple things for you to have the best day ever! This was a long time coming, we’ve been married about 7 months now but I’ve always wanted to do this as I really enjoyed my wedding and I want as many people out there as possibleto enjoy theirs too 🙂


Revision/ motivation tactics

Yo! This is the first of shorter/ different blog posts that I will be putting out not on a wednesday that are a little bit more like me speaking and have more of an aspect of my life in them, I hope you can benefit and enjoy them 🙂

So as it’s coming up t exam season, I’ve recently heard a LOT of “I can’t stop procrastinating please help” and “I can’t seem to revise for my exams” so I thought today, I’d help out! As an artist and writer, I have to have a bucket full of self motivation otherwise I just do nothing all day because I am extremely lazy, so here’s a few things I learned that can hopefully help you can help yourself.

1) Goals + rewards: set yourself a goal like “write a page” or “read a chapter” and reward yourself with something nice. Keep the something nice out of sight but somewhere you can visualise. This will keep it out of temptation but keep it set in your mind as a reward. NEVER EVER set time related goals e.g. “revise for half an hour” or “write for 20 minuets” because you’ll find yourself doing nothing in that time and rewarding yourself for procrastinating! Also, food is generally a bad reward, instead, have an episode of a series ready to watch or a game ready to play or even have money ready to buy something nice. This is much better motivation.

This can also help for long-term goals. Have something like “draw every day”,”write a chapter a week” or “read a book every month” and reward yourself when you complete that task.

2) Train your mind through speech: You can actually change how you think about the thing you’re doing just by saying positive/ negative things about it. So if you’ve got homework or revision that you don’t want to do, before hand look in the mirror, smile and say out loud “I really love doing homework. Doing homework makes me happy. Homework gives me a sense of accomplishment. Homework? More like Homeplay!” Saying silly over exaggerated things like this doesn’t feel like it’ll help at the time, but the more you are positive about it, the more your mind will actually believe what you are saying. Again, this can totally apply to any situation. For example, if you want a new job replace “doing homework” with “writing a CV” or “applying for jobs”.


3) Consequences: Many students think something along the lines of “oh no, if I don’t get this thing done by the deadline then I’ll get kicked off the course” and then end up worrying so much that they procrastinate instead of actually doing the thing. Instead of thinking of the consequence think of the actual thing, think of the process of doing it and the topic. Plan doing sections of it at a time leading up to the deadline and stick to them and write it down. Writing it down will calm your mind. Also think of the rewards other than getting a grade e.g. “doing this will improve my writing.”, “If I finish this then my Mum will be proud” or even “When I finish this I don’t ever have to do it again, it will be done”.

4) Smile + music: This is one of my favourites. Lately, I have found that sometimes I get bored whilst drawing and want to stop but I can’t because I’ve made myself a deadline and I want the reward that I’ve set for myself. So what I’ll do, is smile. I’ll smile while I’m working and it sometimes makes me laugh because I feel silly and it sometimes just gives me something different to do when I’m working. But most of all it makes me feel positive about what I’m doing. I also listen to music. I usually put on the soundtrack to “the legend of zelda: Wind Waker” because it is my favourite game. And because I love the game so much, it puts me in the mindset of enjoying what I’m doing.

So, I hope this helps you when you’re having trouble revising or just doing something in general. I don’t pretend to be perfect at this, I’m far from it, but I do know that these tactics work really well and have helped me through a couple of tough times 🙂

p.s. when you finish the thing, don’t only do the reward, congratulate yourself. So often people finish doing something and they go “ugh it’s so bad” but that’ll just make you feel crappy about doing it again. My advice is to be like fat Amy from “Pitch perfect and tell yourself ‘you did a great job.’