10 things to have in your kitchen for good breakfasts

Breakfast for me is the most frustrating part of the day if you haven’t prepared anything and you still want a tasty but healthy meal. It usually falls on me to make breakfast because I love it so much and I’ve seen loads of things online about how to either prepare breakfast in advance or how to make quick on-the-morning breakfasts. With all this research I feel like I should give back with my own advice! I should say, there is absolutely no excuse if you don’t have a lot of money. We shop at Aldi and/or Lidl (I’m not sponsored) and always have all of these things in our kitchen. Our week shop is usually around £35 (for two people who like to eat a lot of food, plus buying food for storage and emergencies). Seriously, it’s easy to be on a budget and still have nice things, don’t let it limit you!!


  1. Oats    Oats are at number 1 because they are so useful, yummy and healthy. They are really easy to add to anything to bulk out a recipe. Me and my husband both hate porridge because of the consistency, so don’t think that’s the only use for this!! If you look at the channel “Tasty” on youtube and go to their breakfast playlist, they put oats to really good use! img_20170703_080833200.jpg
  2. Bananas     Again, these are here because they are delicious and bulk out a recipe with minimal effort. You can make a loaf of Banana bread in about an hour to use up your mushy bananas, put it with yoghurt, in smoothies, even on top of toast. What’s best about bananas is that they’re a slow release of nutrients throughout your day so they are an excellent breakfast fruit. img_20170703_081530149.jpg
  3. Cupcake tin and cases       This is for meal prep recipes, these are very good for making granola cups- granola in the shape of a cup which you can fill with yoghurt and/or fruit in the morning- or banana bread if you even want to cut out the fuss of slicing the bread in the morning. I’m sure you can use this for many things that are similar to these as well, I just really love using it as a good portion regulator to make sure you’re not just stuffing your face every morning! I find one muffin case  each with a smoothie/filling drink or two without is a good portion size. img_20170703_081353884.jpg
  4. Frozen fruit         Not an obvious choice but frozen fruit is really useful to keep for a long period of time (duh) making it perfect for those times when you don’t have fresh fruit left. It’s just as healthy and way more convenient than fresh. It’s also great for smoothies as you don’t have to add ice separately if you like your smoothies cold. If you do use frozen fruit for smoothies though, be aware that you have to use more liquid than usual if you don’t want your blender to die. img_20170703_081202382.jpg
  5.  Leading on from that: a blender/food processor.      So this is a lot more pricey than all of the other items on this list but it is SO worth it!! If you’re on a budget, save up for a while and get one, you won’t regret it. We spent about £50 on ours and it comes with a blender, cheese grater and food processor. We use it for making smoothies, fake nakd bars, tomato sauce for pizza, pesto, and lots more. I’m obviously putting it here for smoothies but if you want to cook healthier and don’t want a lot of fuss this is a great item to buy. img_20170703_080754522.jpg
  6. Greek yoghurt         Yoghurt in general is great for breakfast but obviously if you want it to be as healthy as possible, greek is the best. However, this doesn’t mean it has to stay it’s bitter self. Even mixing it with a bit of granola and fruit makes it a lovely addition as it really compliments sweets things. img_20170703_081512183.jpg
  7. Honey and/or maple syrup          Having a sweet breakfast is a very good way to get into my good books. I do like the occasional fry-up but 90% of the time I crave sugar. This does not bode well for a healthier life style, but with honey or maple syrup you can kind of cheat your way around it. Basically, it’s my way of making things taste amazing and not feeling too bad about it! The good thing about these is that they are natural which means they are far healthier than using anything else. Don’t get me wrong- they’re still not fantastic for you, all I’m saying is that they’re much better than dumping a load of caster sugar on (or in) your breakfast. img_20170703_081109906.jpg
  8. Vanilla extract Again, this is just another of natures sweeteners. A small amount adds a powerful and sweet flavour to any recipe. However, don’t go over board with this, otherwise it can actually make things taste super gross (I learnt that the hard way). If you’re adding it to a smoothie add a few drops at a time or if you’re adding it to something more substantial just stick with the standard teaspoon. img_20170703_081555703.jpg
  9.  Sundae glasses Sundae glasses may be the most unusual item on this list but believe me, they are a great way to get your breakfasts looking great and if you’re anything like me, that’s really important for a meal. Sundae glasses are especially great if you’ve got kids or if you’re a big kid, let’s say you’ve just made a great tasting smoothie but the colour is green, yuck! Never fear, just popping into a sundae glass with a stripy straw makes it look lovely! You can also make faux ice cream sundaes in these as well. img_20170703_081625424.jpg
  10. And lastly, Nuts. I try to use nuts in every breakfast, it doesn’t always work but most of the time they’re great. If you’re looking for a less crunchy filler then why not try powdered almonds? They still have the nutritional value but great for if anyone in your family doesn’t like nuts. I choose almonds in particular because they’re the most common one to find in shops and they’re really tasty! Allergic to tree nuts? Coconut is a safe and yummy option that again, you can throw into just about anything!

So that wraps up my list but I said this post would be helpful and I aim to please, so here’s a super duper quick and easy recipe to impress your family with little effort, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this at the moment but as soon as I make it again I will take a picture and add it to this post:

Breakfast Sundae.

Time: 10 minutes the evening before. 15 minutes in the morning (absolute maximum, usually takes me 5)

Ingredients: (you can add anything but this is what I use)

Greek yoghurt

honey and/or maple syrup

vanilla extract


fresh or frozen fruit




  1. The night before,  pore any amount of greek yoghurt into a bowl and add honey or maple syrup (however much you think tastes good, it really does. not. matter.) and a teaspoon of vanilla extract (I actually use a little less, it’s just what you prefer) and whisk or stir with a spoon until very well combined.
  2. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave in the freezer overnight.
  3. If you’re using frozen fruit, take some out the night before and put it into a bowl to defrost, you don’t want it frozen for this.
  4. In the morning, get your chilled yoghurt mixture out. It’s different to ice cream and may be quite hard, so I usually get a wooden spoon to break it apart with instead of using a scoop.
  5. Fill each glass with oats about 1/4 full. Pour all of these into a bowl and add either maple syrup or honey a little at a time whilst mixing until the oats are well coated. If you have a little extra time, you can bake the oats for about five minutes before hand but I never bother as it doesn’t add anything to this particular recipe.
  6. Chop the banana (no less than half per person. For an adult, definitely a whole banana.)
  7. Fill the glasses with the rest of the ingredients, banana, oat mix and frozen yoghurt, staggering it. For example: some Banana, then some Oats, then some yoghurt, then some nuts, then some fresh fruit. Repeat until the glass is full.

And there you have it. A healthy, yummy, easy breakfast! And you can add anything you want, if it’s a desert why not add some unhealthy ingredients like chocolate chips or whipped cream? For a bit of fun, lay out the prepared ingredients and have everyone assemble their own! You can do loads with this recipe, I absolutely love it!

I really hope this list and recipe have inspired you to make some creative and quick breakfasts that give your mornings that extra boost they need! Most importantly, experiment in the kitchen, change recipes to suit you and your family and have fun!



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