I really want to tell you a story of what happened to me a few months ago. I had a conversation with a man that left me in a bit of a kerfuffle. We were talking and he asked me if I believed in God and I said “yes”. He was obviously pleased to hear my answer and asked what church I attended and I told him “the Latter Day Saint church, or Mormon Church” and he asked if I believed that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost were separate beings and I said that I did. And then he told me that I was wrong. He also asked if I believed that a man took the Golden plates out of a hill to be later translated into the book of Mormon and again, I told him that yes, I did indeed believe that. He continued to tell me “you are wrong.”

I was trying to stay calm thinking to myself “you’re representing your religion here, stay cool.” At the same time thinking “well this guy is representing his religion and not doing such an amazing job. I need to say something.” I really wanted to say something really cool like “well, that’s what you believe, so if you could keep your beliefs to yourself, I’ll continue to keep mine to myself.”  but I just kind of stood there and took it. He kept asking me questions and every time I said “yes, that’s what I believe” or “no, I don’t believe that” if it didn’t go hand in hand with his own beliefs he’d say “you’re wrong” and if it did he’d say “good” like I was a dog.

It was so frustrating! Here was this big man telling me if I was right or wrong like he was asking me maths questions, when in reality, he was insulting my way of life! He then hands me this card with his church on it and says something like “you should come here, we’ll tell you what’s right” and walks away. I wanted to throw a tantrum right there on the street I was so furious. It’s really hard when we’re told to be respectful and non judgmental around other people’s beliefs and then someone like that comes along. And what a way to promote your church! If I wasn’t religious, I think that’d put me off for life.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this down, I just remembered that it happened and I got angry again. When that happens sometimes it helps to write. And hey, maybe this can help any body promoting their church to be respectful of people whilst doing so.


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