Tell me a story

Jericho loved photography. He liked the idea of keeping a memory forever. Whenever his class was asked what they’d all liked to be when they grow up, Jericho would always answer “A photographer”. All his classmates would laugh at him and say “That’s impossible! You can’t do that!” And they were right. Because Jericho is a jellyfish.

Jericho is a “Turritopsis doohmii” jellyfish, an animal envied by all because of it’s incredible healing ability. These fish never truly die. When they become injured, or old, they rewind they’re ageing process and start all over again, a bit like recycling your own body.

One day, a man swam down to Jericho’s home and took a picture of him with a special camera. Jericho looked over the mans shoulder at the camera as he looked through the photo’s he had taken that day. Jericho wanted to do the same ever since.

See, being immortal like Jericho seems pretty nice to you and me but Jericho is pretty scared of it. He worries that he’ll never remember all of the things that happen over the many years of his existence. So, he began to take pictures of very important things. Things like, his first home away from parents and when he left school and the first time he saw a shark.

“How can Jericho take pictures if he’s a jellyfish?” I hear you cry. Well, Jericho takes them without a camera. He takes them with his mind. If he wants to remember things, he’ll look at them and say “click!” just how it sounded when the man took his photograph. Then at night, he’d remember the photographs he’d taken.

tell me a story illustration

Sometimes, he’d tell people about them as well and because he looks very hard when he says “click!” he can tell everyone who’s listening about the photograph in great detail. Soon, Fish, dolphins, turtles, even whales would come and visit Jericho to see his photographs. “Amazing!” they would cry when he was done, “I can see it so clearly!”.

So, Jericho became the first jellyfish photographer. And when you go swimming in the sea, you might just hear a tiny voice saying “click!”.


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