Just for you

Hello, how are you? Please find the appropriate reply in the list below, if you can’t find one please use the space provided to write one yourself:

  • I’m glad you’re doing well!
  • Oh no, what’s wrong?
  • Good 🙂

Now we’re done with the pleasantries, let’s get down to a nice new blog post. Right now, I’m sitting on my bed because it’s cold, I’m writing this blog post, I’m thinking about the soup my Mum has made and hoping it’ll taste good but it probably won’t because I hate soup, I have the tiniest headache and I’m planning what I’m to do after I finish writing. I sometimes worry about the future, whether I’ll ever get to be a published children’s author and illustrator. Harry Potter makes me happy. I have a religion, two loving parents who share that religion and two loving brothers who don’t.

What you might be experiencing now is known as “sonder” or, the realisation that everyone has a story. It’s easy to think about your friends and family having stories but it’s hard to think about everyone on the planet having one. It’s one of my favourite topics to explore. The fact that everyone on this planet right now is doing something, has memories from the past and plans for the future.

To easily illustrate this, let’s think about a bunch of grapes. Picture them in your mind, you might have one in your fruit basket, you might be eating grapes right now. Let’s say these grapes came from the south of France. This bunch of grapes was picked, cleaned and put into some kind of vehicle to come to you. But on the way, one grape falls off. It falls into the ocean and is picked up out of the sea by a bird and eaten. Another grape falls and is stuck with a different bunch. One grape grows to be small and is seen by a young girl who thinks it’s really cute. Each grape has a story, some are sweet, some are sour, some are big, some are small. Some fall from the bunch, some travel the world.

Today, around 353,000 people will be born. That’s a lot of grapes. And right now, you’re the main character in your story. Have you ever wondered what books would be like if they were about other characters? Have you ever thought that in Hermione’s experience of “Harry potter”, she was the main character? And that she sometimes had worries and concerns that didn’t involve defeating Voldemort or having an evil Aunt and Uncle? Hermione had her own story, just like you have your own story and I have mine.

I often like to think about where you are now, what dreams you have, whether you enjoyed your dinner, what you are going to be thinking about in the morning, what you are thinking about now, what your bedtime routine is. You’re smaller than the size of a pin prick on a map of the world, yet imagine how long your story would be if someone were to write your entire life’s history, with every thought, feeling and move you’ve ever made, every breath you’ve ever taken, every job change, every blink, every smile. You are important. So this is just for you.


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