Hey wordpress! So I haven’t written anything in a while, I’ve been busy planning and organising and drawing and I haven’t got a lot of time just to sit and write, so I’ve taken down the “new blogs every Wednesday” theme and we’re going to go with “new blogs when I can”. I’ve just got a lot of things coming up, I hope you guys understand as I know some of you have been asking why I’ve mysteriously fallen off the face of the earth for a few weeks! Anyway, on with this weeks blog…

So, I was updating my Tumblr and getting a queue of posts set up for the next day when I saw this post:


(It was taken from Twitter) and I added a lot of comments in the tag section that I wanted to elaborate on with a blog post! First of all, I loved the ideas behind it and the reassuring nature of the post. There’s a lot of negativity constantly going around the internet and it’s nice to see something uplifting. But I was a little confused at the line “No one chooses to exist. You just do.” Being brought up in a Latter Day Saint environment I sometimes forget that not many people know, think or believe the things that we do. Like when I brought a friend round to my house once and they pointed at a picture of Jesus and asked me who he was. I was so shocked that they didn’t know who this amazing, important person was.

So, let me show you some pictures of some of the people in our religion…

This is Jesus Christ:


He was born on April 6th 2015 years ago.

This is our current Prophet, Thomas S. Monson:


He was born on August 28th 1927 and is 88 years old. He’s funny, kind, gives us direction which comes directly from Heavenly Father and can also wiggle his ears up and down!

So now your clued in about that, let me give you some insight into what we believe about us being on earth. The reason to why I was confused about the statement “No one chooses to exist. You just do.” is because before anybody came to exist on the earth there was a divide of spirits who followed the adversary (Satan) and spirits who followed God. The spirits who followed God knowingly chose to be on the earth. Every single person you see were once one of those spirits who chose to follow God. And it’s wonderful because without making those decisions you wouldn’t be able to do amazing things like; smelling a cake that’s just been taken out of the oven, the feel of water on your skin or see leaves change colour with the seasons.

We are so privileged to be on this earth. It wasn’t an accident. Sure, there are so many bad things that happen but just think of all the opportunities you miss out on if you were never human. Earlier this year some awesome people created glasses that correct colour blindness. Here’s some videos of people’s reactions to seeing colours how others see them for the first time:

This one is my favourite, it has a lot of swearing in it though if your not into that kind of thing:

That’s just crazy, how much a simple thing like colour can affect someone’s life. The sunset, fire turning from orange to blue, the sparkle of a waterfall. It’s so simple, yet it really gets you to think about things that we should appreciate much more.

It’s amazing how much we can get out of life and as much as I love to see things like the post I saw on Tumblr, I think being blase about living just because “everything’s going to be okay” and “you didn’t ask to exist” isn’t good enough. Get worried, be scared, try new things because everything’s going to be okay. You’re on earth, so experience it’s wonders. You did ask to be here. Now you are, so live. Reading that post made me feel like it was teaching people that they payed for a holiday and spent the whole time in the hotel moaning about the weather. Life isn’t meant to be spent working out the best routine and sticking to it. It’s meant for you to get out there, meet people, learn about the world and learn about yourself.

Yes, like the post, none of us know what we’re doing either, but that’s half the fun of it! So yes, everything is going to be okay, but don’t use that as an excuse. Use it as a reason.


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