It’s amazing how much a set of new headphones can change my mood. Last Friday, me and my Mum went to Birmingham and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit hmv (pronounced “hummmvvvv” according to us). Naturally, I migrated towards the headphones section as I have been having to put up with headphones that are too small and have a bad sound quality. Immediately after I put these new ones on it was like the world had been grey before and I could see colour again. I enjoy walking again now as I have my beloved background music back, I quite like walking if there’s interesting scenery but the walk to work everyday is just. So. Boring. And grey. And repetitive. Now, it’s like one of those scenes in musicals where the main character is walking down the street and starts singing and everyone else joins in… Apart from the fact that no-one’s singing and I just look a bit weird.

Every minuet of every hour of every day I am listening to something, whether I’m drawing, blogging, writing or anything else and when you change that music from being kinda bad to absolutely amazing it’s just, I don’t know, it’s indescribable. The type of headphones I like to listen to are the way to big ones that go over your head. I feel like I’m transported into another dimension when I put them on as they block out most other sounds and completely surround you with music. If you don’t know what it feels like to be surrounded by music then listen to Mike Oldfield’s album “voyager” particularly the track “Dark island” -that’s my favourite one. The songs have got so many layers, when you listen to them it’s like being poured over the head with liquid sound.

However, what a lot of people don’t know about me is that one of the types of music I like listening to most is electronica and dubstep. People tend to cringe when they hear that, but it’s one of the only other types of music that gives me the sense of the music going straight through you and having lot’s of layers like Mike oldfield’d does. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to classical- cair de lune being my favourite piece. Or folk, particularly Seth Lakeman and Jethro Tull. Or Musicals like Disney, which is what most people seem to think of when they see me and try to guess what music I’m into. But for some reason my ears seem to favour what others like the least! I thank my lucky stars that I like pretty much all other genres because music is what generally comes up when you first meet someone and I can ask them what they like and nine times out of ten I can say “oh yeah, I like that too!”. It’s great for first impressions as I’m quite self conscious and shy when I encounter a new face.

I could talk until the sun comes up about music which is most likely why getting these new headphones has improved my mood so drastically in the last few days- not that I’m always sad I hasten to add. So, if you need a pick-me-up and are sick of trying baths surrounded by candles or trying a new morning routine, get some new headphones. You’ll be surprised by how much it affects you!


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