Do any of you get incredibly obsessed over some things to the point of having a little intervention inside your own head? Well I do. I do it with just about everything. Some things don’t need an intervention because the obsession isn’t so bad that it’s not going to a) just be a phase and b) not die out for a long time because the whole world likes it too. For example, Harry Potter. The world loves Harry Potter and it’s definitely not going to stop being amazing any time soon, I know it’s not just a phase because I’ve put time and effort into liking it like, reading the books over and over and drawing fanart. Or a place, I love Birmingham but I can’t obsess over a place because I need a free day and money to go there.

That time has come again in which I must have an intervention with myself. I’ve been watching “8 out of 10 cats does countdown” non stop for five days now and in that short space of time, it’s started effecting my life. That’s the reason I didn’t do a post yesterday, I haven’t been drawing or making my costumes for comiccon because I’ve just been so obsessed. I keep telling myself it’s good exercise for my brain because I don’t do any maths and I just write on my computer so I don’t need to know how to spell well, but really I just find the show funny and a means for procrastination. I know in the end if I don’t get my costumes done in time, or I miss loads of blog posts or get really out of sync with drawing that I’ll regret waisting my time watching t.v.

Procrastination was my absolute favourite thing to do when I was in school. I would purposefully do it, with the knowledge of what it would do to my grades, because I just got this weird satisfaction out of it. Now, I hate procrastinating. If I have a really productive day then I feel an amazing sense of achievement. I procrastinate without realising and low and behold, I’ve got to rush to get everything done and the things that I needed to do might not be as good because I didn’t have time to do it properly. You all know my stance on education (if not, I’ll put a tag for education you can click on that will bring you to my blog posts that are about that topic) I’m not fussed with education, I think the education system in this country is a waste of time and we should all move to Finland if we want a decent learning experience. But I’m in “real life” now. Real life, could you believe it, actually matters. Trust me to be terrible at productivity when it’s a crucial aspect of life.

I mean, why do People do it? We watch all these amazing athletes and writers and singers and actors and we all really want to be like them but we’re too busy watching what they’re doing, instead of actually doing something ourselves. So in the end we’re just these people in life who are worried about what sort of bread to buy instead of people who are worried about what to say in their next interview. Some people are perfectly happy with being a fan and nothing more. Some people earn a living from being a fan like fanartists, cosplayers, costume makers and youtubers.

I love the idea that you can now become what is essentially, a professional fan. But it was always my dream to become an artist and now that dream has developed into wanting to be a children’s illustrator and author. If I don’t stop being an obsessive fan, how can I concentrate on fulfilling my own chosen path? So, I do interventions. This blog post has been what I usually say to myself in my head but I thought I’d share it with you guys. I usually always end on the note of “let’s make something new for someone else to enjoy”. I like that and I hope you guys can forgive my procrastination and enjoy some of the new things I make!


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