I am SO ready for Autumn. This is about the time each year when I’m thinking about all of the awesome stuff I get to do between October- December and I’m just really done with Summer. All my favourite things happen in the next months, Comiccon, halloween, Fireworks day, the travelling fair, Birmingham Christmas market, Christmas… Just so, so many things. Especially Comiccon, the minute I leave I start waiting and planning for the next one and this year I’m going for the whole weekend and it’s just- ah. SO awesome. As for Halloween, it’s my favourite holiday ever because you have a chance to dress up and everyone knows what you’re up to.

Also where I work we get to wear Christmas jumpers for all the days in December that we work which is amazing!! Anything that happens that involves special clothing and I’m in. I must apologise, because this blog post is just going to be me fan-girling about Autumn. I even like the temperature, like that sort of cold you usually get early in the morning but in Autumn it’s all the time! And the way you don’t have to know what the weather is like, you just know that you’ll need a jacket and an umbrella which is so much more simple than in Summer when you’re just always guessing.

Of course, this is in England, so it would be very interesting to see what Autumn is like in different countries. Like in Australia it would be completely different, because when England has Autumn, Australia has spring. So they’re used to having Halloween in the warm. Then you go to America which I generally think of having the “traditional” weather, where Autumn is just full of orange and red leaves and in winter it actually snows. In England, it’s mostly all centred around rain or it’s either very hot, very cold, very windy, or very rainy. It’s rare to have a perfect weather day in England which is probably why I like Autumn so much. England’s Autumn kind of follows a theme, as for the rest of the time you could wake up boiling, have lunch in the freezing cold, go home in rain and once your home it’s hot again.

Anyway, back to Autumn. So this sort of few days before school is usually the time that I start writing how many days it is until the next cool thing happens on a home-made calendar. I used to do it in my school diary and at a glance my teachers where impressed that I had something written down for every day when in reality it just says “17 days until halloween” with a little biro picture of a little ghost saying “wooooo”. And now I draw a grid in pencil and cross of the days until the thing, if you’ve never done that I highly recommend it, it totally brings the magic to life. This is why I’m so childish and excited in these weeks leading up to whatever the first thing might be, because I’m constantly waiting for something awesome to happen 😀


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