As you may have guessed, a friend passed away about two weeks ago. I still haven’t come to terms with it and so many other things have been happening that I had to take a break from writing -even if it was just a week- so I could rest and stop and think about things. I went on holiday with a friend for a few days last week which helped enormously to take my mind off what’s happened and give me an excuse to relax. We went to a really nice place just outside the Welsh border, in fact we were pretty sure the distant hills we saw were part of Wales, it was the first holiday both of us had had without our parents and almost everything went wrong! I’m so glad that it did though, because the things that are so basic to deal with at home like spilling water and not having a source of heat are immediately so much harder when you’re camping and having to deal with stuff like that was so therapeutic when I compared it to my worries back at home.

Holidays are like a little chunk of your life where time stands still. Everything get’s put on hold until you’re back. No opening letters, checking e-mails, arranging events, it’s just a break. A standstill. I believe those parts of your life are the most important. The parts when your with family or friends or even just on your own. Have you ever just taken a moment to turn off your phone and computer, locked the door or gone outside and lay down for a while with no distractions? It’s really calming to know that you can do that. In fact, I want you right now to put everything aside, put on a timer and just sit, or lie down for five minuets. Five minutes. It’s truly nothing, so do it now.

Right, now we’re all refreshed (I’m looking at you… yes you, the one who didn’t do it, the person you’re texting can wait, the youtube video can wait, go do it. Now.)

Okay, now that ALL of us are refreshed, didn’t that five minutes feel like a lifetime? I bet some of you looked on your phones to check you hadn’t gone over. Didn’t it feel nice just to feel like you again? To be with yourself? What did you think about? Maybe you thought about what film you’re going to watch, or if your kids are going to give up and go to bed soon, or someone you’re in love with. And that’s all you did. You took five minutes to think and be with yourself. And the world didn’t end, your facebook friends didn’t start a search to find out where you’d gone, you’re laptop didn’t explode, you just took a really short holiday.

This week I’m going to challenge myself to take a five minute holiday every day. So I can learn more about myself and I can also learn that five minutes away from life isn’t going to destroy the world, it’s going to help me adjust to all the changes that are going on at the moment and all the rubbish that I’m dealing with and reflect on all the good things too. Maybe you’ll do the same, maybe do it late one night and take five minutes to get a blanket, go outside and see if you can spot a shooting star, or in the morning when you wake up in that annoying five minutes before your alarm goes off, or even at work on your break you’ll actually have a break instead of just doing more things.

Sometimes life isn’t about how many things you can accomplish, sometimes you just have to sit down and say “okay life, maybe I’ll catch up with you later” and let things be.


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