I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago about how hard it is to be a Mormon and they were asking me why I bother with it and why I praise it so much. I told her one of my favourite things I’ve ever told anyone, I said

“Just because we believe in something unfortunately doesn’t make following that belief easy, just like the fact that we know gravity is real but it doesn’t make walking easier than flying.”

Surprise surprise, life isn’t meant to be easy, that’s why it isn’t. If it was meant to be all sunshine and rainbows, it would be. We are Mormons because we love our religion, but it’s hard too. That’s what makes it so worth while. Honestly, if something was really easy and straight forward I’d be a little suspicious. It’s like when you read a book and nothing bad happens in it, the story is bland and boring, if there is something for the protagonist to overcome it becomes satisfying and real. When I really nail something that I’ve been struggling to get through, my faith becomes even stronger and I get a sense of achievement.

This is why I really hate the question “if God loves us so much, why do so many bad things happen?” Well, let’s imagine our favourite flower in the middle of a field, mine is an orange rose. now let’s imagine all the other types of flowers around it. If the other flowers didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t think that orange roses are so great because I would have nothing to compare them too. They would loose all meaning to me. Orange roses would become the norm, I might even start disliking them because they would just be too boring. Let’s bring all the other flowers back to the field. I immediately start comparing the others to the orange rose, I appreciate it more with them there.

The same goes for happiness. If sadness, or anger, or hatred or jealousy didn’t exist then life would loose all meaning. Every day would be the same. Happiness wouldn’t be something you would want, happiness would be the only thing you know. You might as well imagine a world without colour, or every person being the same weight, height and gender. It would be boring. You be complaining to God then, too, saying “if God exists, why did he send us here for this meaningless existence?”.

So it’s really quite simple…

Without war, we wouldn’t know peace.

Without hatred, we wouldn’t know kindness.

Without tears, we wouldn’t know laughter.

That’s why I’m religious. Because an accident wouldn’t be able to make such a perfectly balanced system. Life isn’t easy. Sorry to break it to you, but it won’t ever be. No, knowing that God exists doesn’t suddenly make it easy either. But it does make life easier. Knowing that Hogwarts doesn’t exist doesn’t make being a muggle easy, but it makes it easier. Because at least JK Rowling wrote the books. At least we know about them. Same rules apply, I know God exists, my life isn’t happy happy fun times, but knowing he is there is really comforting and awesome. 🙂


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