Have you ever felt jealous of a snake? Well I have. Last Saturday me and my Dad had a lovely day out walking in the brecon beacons (Wales) and I didn’t wear suncream. *waits for slow claps* I have a very good excuse though! When we set off, it was lightly drizzling so we didn’t even think to put any on and when it got sunny at about 2pm we realised that we didn’t even pack suncream and we were like “well, it’ll be alright, it’s not too hot” and when we got home and I looked in the mirror… let’s just say that I’ve been covering myself in aloe vera after sun gel three times a day since. So now my sunburn has gotten to that lovely stage of pealing, and the only place it’s pealing is on my forehead which is the absolute worst because every time I adjust my fringe I can see flakes of myself falling to the ground.

So, back to the snake, if you know me well, you’ll know that I don’t like the way I look when I have a tan (or in my skins case, bright red) so summer is not the time for me. For the most part this is because I am always pale so it just looks weird because your not used to me being any other colour than a pasty white-yellow. When I’ve been in the sun, people know and it’s embarrassing when the tenth person comes up to you and you know they’re going to say “ooh you’ve caught the sun a bit haven’t you?” and I really just want to say “yeah I know, I was the one unwillingly doing the catching.”. And so, every time I go from being ghostly white to lobster red I just want to be able to shed my skin and start again. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Just a complete do-over every time you get sunburn or a tattoo that’s spelt wrong.

Luckily, this time my skin has finally seemed to admit defeat and has moved into the brown phase, which I don’t remember it ever doing before. It’s still a little red, but it just looks like a normal tan now rather than someone getting a giant vat of red paint and dipping me in it. I’m actually a little glad that we have weather, think of all the conversations you’d have missed out on if you weren’t able to complain about how hot it is, or how wet it is. There’s a series of books called “Dr xargel’s” which are about aliens learning about humans here’s the page about weather:


which I think is absolutely spot on. There’s nothing like a good moan about the weather to get a conversation going.

Here’s my definition of perfect weather: sunny but without the warmth. I want to be able to sip hot chocolate in a big jumper but on a really sunny day. Unfortunately, the sun is made of fire so I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.


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