it’s a game

Today I saw this totally amazing demonstration on youtube of a virtual reality headset that you can play minecraft with on your table with just your hands and your voice. Here’s the video:

(It’s worth a watch even if you don’t like minecraft)

I was watching it like “it’s the future” just totally being blown away by how far technology has progressed in such a short space in time. It’s crazy how, with technology where it’s headed, if we can think of it it can probably be done. I’m so glad whoever has found this has done it with a game first though. Imagine the problems they might’ve come across if they started using it to, for example, navigate through a body being operated on. I think things like that will happen at some point, but I’m glad they started on games. A platform that people can get excited about, get used to and easily develop technology with without damaging something drastically is a much wiser move than suddenly diving in the deep end, finding out you’ve done something wrong only to find it’s too late and something terrible’s happened.

That’s why I’m really glad that films like irobot and Planet of the Apes have been made so we can see them and say to ourselves “yeah, maybe making metal likenesses of ourselves that could learn to be conscious and potentially take over the world isn’t such a good idea.” I think if anyone makes a ground breaking discovery that could change the future, they should immediately go to a film producer and say to them “hey, I’ve got a great subject for a film, but I need help with the story line.” Then they can figure out what could go wrong with their discovery and fill in any holes.

Isn’t it crazy though how fast technology is developing? Like, twenty years ago computers where as big as small t.v’s with an additional tower, a start up time of about three months and all they could do was one internet search or play solitaire and now microsoft have made computers that you can wear on your head and control with your eyes. Watch what else you can do with the head set in the minecraft video, it’s literally like being in an iron man movie:

I feel like the future is screaming at me, it felt like two days ago I was using VCR and thinking how small and cool cassette tapes where. Hello, future, please don’t run me over as you zoom by!


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