Three cheers! Ranty Elisabeth is back with another opinion!

I really don’t like it when I see posts on the internet that say things along the lines of “Share this post if you think your Mother is beautiful” or “Reblog if you support gays”. I don’t not like them because I disagree with them, I don’t like them because I should sincerely hope that my mother knows I think she is beautiful and that others know I’m not homophobic without me having to share a post on the internet. The amount of times I’ve had to resist commenting on them saying “it’s really sad that the people who are sharing this need this post to validate their belief in something” is ludicrous.

Maybe the posts should say, for example, “Go and tell your Mother she is beautiful” or “Support your gay friends” instead. Then that would inspire people to use words in real life to people’s faces instead of someone you care about having to go on facebook or twitter to see that, yes, you do care about them, you just needed to be reminded by the internet first.

I was tagged in a chain message a while ago. A chain message is a message that says something like

“Hello I think you’re amazing. Send this message to 10 of your friends. If you get the message back from one of them, it means you have a true friendship with that person”.

Yes. Yes these things actually exist. One of my friends sent this to me (or something very similar) and I thought fair enough, you can do what you want, but I’m not going to participate in it. I then sent her a message saying “I don’t like participating in chain messages, but I hope you know I think you’re amazing and I see our friendship as ‘true’ without the need of a chain message”.

I sent this because I was worried that she would question my thoughts on our friendship. Isn’t that sad? We’ve become so wrapped up in other things that we forget that we have friends and that it’s not weird or intrusive to just ask “How’re you doing?” or to say “I’m glad to have you around”. Imagine your happiness in receiving something like that, in one of your friends actively saying to you that they value your relationship. That would make anyone happy right? I know I certainly don’t do this enough and it’s really sad how this era is turning into one where you don’t even know were your friends live. I didn’t know where my friends lived for a good few years. I didn’t know their primary schools. In some cases I forgot to even ask their last names. But I used to just think “eh, it’s alright, I’ll look it up on facebook.”

Talk to people. It’s the oldest form of communication. Send people letters, pay them compliments. Because let’s be honest, it’s not going to instil confidence in your relationship if you see that a friend has “Share this post if you love your friends” on their profile is it? If you see one of those posts on your friends profile do you think “awww, thats nice!” or do you feel pressured to share it as well because you’re insecure about what other people think about your relationships and beliefs?


Share this post if you love your cat.


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