So, as promised, I’m going to blog about my experience at the temple yesterday. Although, I said I’d take some pictures but I completely forgot to do so! At LDS temples, for those of you who do not know, we are given the chance to do work for the dead. Which means, we do work like baptisms and such in representation of a deceased person who hasn’t done it yet on earth, so they can have the choice to accept it or dismiss it.

Usually I try and remember a name, but this time I remembered three, I baptised three sisters with the last name “Sanderson” the same last name as the three witches in the film ‘Hocus Pocus’. I’ve always wondered if the three witches were based off real people and to my surprise, the names of two of the sisters are the same as of those in the film, ‘Sarah’ and ‘Mary’. What’s even stranger is the dates next to their names at the Temple said “1761” which was just after the period of witch craft. So I may well have baptised three women accused of witchcraft into Mormonism, which I’m not going to forget in a hurry!

Sometimes when you’re in the temple you get to sing whilst waiting to do the work and luckily this was one of those times, we were with a Sister who was really loud and enthusiastic about singing and about being there. I love it when people are outspokenly joyful about things, especially in that environment where we’re usually very quite, but they didn’t tell us to be quite when we were singing loudly. I think it’s because they could feel how much we were enjoying it and they could see how happy we were to be there.

When you come out of the temple, you’re usually really hungry, so I saw a couple of friends that I said hi to and then wolfed down some of the picnic that me and my Parents packed. We were joined by a friend who I haven’t spoken to in ages which was nice and then me and my friend spent a while talking and walking around the grounds. One of my favourite things about the London Temple is the grounds, we went down one path that, for most of it, looked like it had been taken out of Lord of the Rings! We also went to the front of the Temple to touch the front wall which I usually try and do because I feel a warm connection with the spirit through those walls for some reason. I think it’s worth going down just to see friends from other Churches and explore the grounds, even if you can’t go into the Temple.

Here’s what the London Temple looks like:


Well, anyway, enough of me talking! I had a great day and if any of you get to go to an LDS Temple one day, go touch the front walls, you might not feel anything but it’s nice just to do it!


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