Well, what a week! Busy doesn’t quite describe what life is like working a full time job, when I get home, I draw, set up queue’s for my tumblr blog and read up on musical instruments and when I wake up it’s all go again! I’m certainly not complaining though, it’s been a blast so far, yesterday I actually thought it was Tuesday so, sorry about that :S

This week, it’s been a bit of a tough one for our church as one of my friends -a member of a nearby congregation, had a stroke. It was a complete shock for everyone as she’s quite young and put into perspective how close anyone is to having something major affect their lives. Despite all this, it was an amazing testimony builder as nearly everyone from the stake (a group of nearby Churches) all got together and prayed and fasted for her to make a quick and comfortable recovery. It’s awful knowing that that kind of thing has happened to a good friend, but she has been making lots of progress which I can’t help thinking is a little because so many people were praying and fasting at the same time for one person.

That’s what I love about the church, is that there are always people around to help. There’s even a thing called a “prayer roll” at the Temple which you can be put on if there’s something really bad happening. It’s more than just a church, it’s a community and a family, that’s why we call each other “brother” and “sister” to signify that unity and bond. It’s also a great way to get to know a bunch of other people around a large area, my friend has quite a big influence in the Church because of her wonderful bubbly personality and it’s amazing how many people chipped in and bought cards and flowers and such. I know I wouldn’t be as social if it wasn’t for the Church!

So yeah, you had to listen to Mormon babble today because I’ve been all religious lately what with everything going on, I’m going to the temple on Saturday and I’m super duper excited, so I might take some pictures and blog about it when I get back as well! I hope you enjoyed me waffle on about being LDS, it gets like that sometimes, when it all happens at once and you just kind of go “Wow, I’ve been really religious this week!”


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