A while ago, one of my brothers was asking about the importance of the Queen. He thought that the Queen didn’t really do much and that we don’t need a royal family. I explained that to me and a lot of other people, she is like a blanket, the idea of her being there brings hope and comfort. Even if she didn’t do much, just the idea of her or someone important being there to wave at people occasionally just gives a certain sense of security. I sometimes find it funny how the human race can get so fixated on the lives of others and I think it’s just so we can have a distraction from our own lives. Have you ever gone over to a friends house to clean, garden, cook ect. for them? Have you noticed that doing the exact same thing you do for yourself becomes a lot easier just because it’s not you who you’re doing it for?

I think that’s why creating new content and publicising new personalities is so important, because a lot of the time, it’s something like a book or a t.v. series that you live for. That’s what’s helping you get through the day. Famous people and there problems suddenly become much more interesting than your exact same problems because it’s not you who’s experiencing them. It’s like seeing a horror film and watching someone go into a dark room or pick up the phone and you’re there screaming at them for being so stupid, yet, if you where in that situation you’d probably do the same thing.

It’s silly that some people laugh at the idea of a person who has depression, anxiety, anorexia or anything really and them being cured because of a film making them feel better and giving them hope. These things are giving a lot of people a rope to hold onto and I don’t think that that’s a laughing matter. I don’t like it when people scoff at how much money is spent on creations when they don’t know how many people that creation has saved from a mental illness or being bored or alone.

The reason I wanted to write about this today was that I saw a video on youtube entitled “lets talk about Zayn” and I had a bit of a giggle to myself but then I thought ‘hang on, don’t laugh because they’re passionate about something, you’ve been passionate about a lot of things in your life and not once did you see it as silly at the time. Respect people’s passions’

Respect people’s passion’s. That thing, no matter how big or small, whether it’s an anime character or an award winning masterpiece is what’s keeping that person happy. And, if you ever catch yourself being ashamed of the things that make you happy, stop yourself. If it makes you happy then in my opinion, that’s the best reason to like something.


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