A moral is the main lesson in a story, it sums up what the point of the story is. For example, for some people the moral in the tale of the hare and the tortoise might be to not get ahead of yourself and be too confident. But for someone else, the moral might be to stop being lazy and not falling asleep on the job. So one story could have lots of different meanings and morals. Personally, I like a story to have a main moral with lots of different morals running under the main one as well.

There was an incident on facebook today about a friend of mine who was recommended to read Twilight and I voted strongly for the “please don’t read it” side. I’m not saying Twilight is the worst book in the world because it most certainly isn’t, but I’d be lying if I said I’m proud of my time as a “Twihard”. But there’s something to be learned through that. As a teenage girl, I was looking for certain things, mostly I was obsessed by the concept of love. Also, to a 13 year old female, being an eternally beautiful creature with nothing but time on your hands didn’t sound too bad. I was looking for an escape and at the time, Twilight gave me that. The reason I told my friend not to read it is because a) he’s reading Harry potter at the moment so he wouldn’t enjoy Twilight after reading them and b) my friend is a 30 year old man. I doubt books like Twilight, who’s best moral is staying with the one you love for eternity no matter what the cost, would appeal to him.

Looking back on it I have no idea why I had to be so obsessed with a book that was essentially about staying in a relationship with a man who is very likely to murder you at any given point in time just for the sakes of love. That doesn’t seem very logical or safe to me now. But back then, I really needed that kind of story. A kind of story that, at the time, was about the importance of love and not giving up on it for anything.

But, I think the reason we’ll always come back to story’s like Lord of the rings or even children’s books like Roald Dahl, is because these stories have multiple layers, in-depth and well thought out characters and tiny details that makes the re-read value very high. I’m not saying story’s like Chick lits or comedies are bad, but I’m just saying that they’ll only be a phase, they won’t stand the test of time. Twilight isn’t bad, it’s just… different. And I need to come to terms with that because a lot of my friends are still fans of those books and I don’t want to offend them with my constant obliteration of Stephanie Meyers writing!


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