Caring is not a disadvantage

So, I hear a lot of guys and some girls thinking that if they cry they’ll be considered weak. Or if they love something too much they’ll be thought of as a nancy or if they’re afraid to get hurt or dirty then they’ll be seen as a coward. Let me enlighten the people who miraculously don’t know yet: you are not considered “less” if you care about something. Say some of your friends want to go swimming in a river, you might not want to because…

a) It’s too cold

b) There could be anything in that river and you don’t want to risk catching anything or

c) You can’t stand the thought of maybe encountering a fish, no matter how small.

It could be any reason and any reason not/to do something is completely fine, the only one which is not fine is “my friend made me” or “they were making fun of me”. No one has the right to make you do something that you’ve already explained you don’t want to do. And if you don’t give in to what someone might be making you do, then  they will respect you for sticking to your guns.

I have a good example, I absolutely hate crossing the road and if there is a traffic light crossing where you can press the button and wait for the green man then I will. This drives all my friends insane but I stick to my guns and say I’d rather be a few seconds later, than dead. Some of my friends have started doing it now, or at least they take more care at roads and I’m really glad I kept doing it because, you never know, I could’ve saved someone by doing that.

If you look at animals, usually the mother will be the most ferocious when it comes to protecting her young, so if you’re scared about caring for other people and it making you look like a pansy, it might just well bring out the tougher side of you and everyone wants a friend who’ll fiercely defend them. In my opinion, caring does not show weakness, it shows that you have respect for yourself and others, it shows that you are loyal and kind hearted and it shows that you’d probably make a great friend or partner. Caring means that you want to get something right instead of doing a half-assed job. Caring means that you have passions. All of these qualities are fantastic in a human being and shouldn’t be seen as anything negative.

Caring is an advantage.


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