Friendship is magic

I had a really weird evening yesterday. I came home incredibly happy and then one single thing came out of place and it was like… crash, boom, your life is over. It wasn’t even a particularly major thing and I sorted it out really quickly but I just got incredibly sad and angry all at the same time -which isn’t like me. The only explanation I can find is that I usually try to be a very positive, caring, nice person to be around but that can mean that I often give people support without giving myself a break. I also suppress all of my negative emotions because I don’t like being a burden to other people. So all of this combined sometimes gets boiled up and then something just tips me over the edge and I burst out with it all. I very rarely let other people see this side of me though, a lot of it is throwing my soft toy around my room!

So last night was one of those times. I just got a bit teary, got a bit angry and watched episodes of a series I’m watching on Netflix to cheer me up! A friend, noticing I wasn’t feeling all that great, messaged me on Tumblr and it was just so lovely to know that someone was there. When I read her message it just really calmed me down and I was actually so happy to have someone to talk to that I cried with relief! She let me vent out everything I was feeling and asked really nice questions that helped to organise my thoughts. It was like she just knew exactly what I needed.

I think there’s something in friendship that just helps you sense when a friend really needs your help, even if they’re not in the same room as you. It’s a bond that can’t easily be broken. I value friendship very very highly and rely on my friends for quite a lot, even if they don’t know it. I hope they can say the same for me! I’ve always wished that when or if I get married, it wont change my friendships and that I’ll still cherish my time with my friends as much as I do now.

There’s nothing that can remedy a person like a friend can. I’m a true believer of that. There’s a reason why we as humans visit each other when we’re sick or want to tell someone something that’s been bothering us. Having someone you can relate to, or lean on or generally just be with, having someone you can call friend and being their friend back is one of the greatest gifts the world has to offer us and I’m really glad that I have been one of the many receivers of that gift!


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