Just a world in an infinitely big universe

I had a thought (it’s been known to happen) on my way to work this morning that people could be described as worlds in a universe. The world thinks of and worries about itself first, but it’s only tiny in comparison to an endless, edgeless space. This doesn’t make the world unimportant, but it doesn’t stop it from being tiny nonetheless.

We all get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget that there are other people with their own lives and worries. Or, the opposite happens, we are so worried about what people are thinking about us and that other people are trying to control us when we forget that they too are just as small and powerless as we are. No one controls us. No one owns us. We are all the same no matter what age or skill-set. It’s hard realising that you can literally do whatever you want and with that realisation comes great responsibility. Just because we can do things doesn’t mean we should do them. Some people might take this responsibility to mean that they can’t do what they want. But just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to.

Me and my brother were talking about this in a McDonalds around a half an hour drive from home and he was saying that “you would never walk home instead of drive, would you? If you would never do something because it’s stupid to then you don’t have the freedom to do it.” my argument was that no, I would never do that, but it is still my choice and I still have the ability to say to my Mother “don’t drive me home, I’ll walk”. It might’ve taken me all night, but the fact still lies that I had the ability to do it and that is freedom.

Let’s have an example. Say you wanted to stop someone from eating 10 chocolate bars. You can’t take away someone’s agency to do that by telling them that it would be unhealthy, or by taking away the chocolate bars, or by taking away their money. The person might get into trouble, but they could always steal the chocolate bars. The law is there to stop people from hurting themselves and others. But it doesn’t take away their ability to go against it. The only way to take away the persons agency of eating 10 chocolate bars is to either eradicate the world of all but 9 or less chocolate bars or remove the persons ability to eat. Unless someone doesn’t have the ability to do the thing, they still have the choice to do the thing. No matter how ridiculous the consequences or small the likelihood of them doing it. If you were to take away the persons desire for chocolate, it does not mean they can’t still consume it, they probably won’t, but they have that choice.

So what I’m getting at here is, you could go and sit on the street and sing aloud to yourself. Nobody can tell you not to. You could walk around in a bright pink jump suit. Nobody can stop you. You can do what you want. Nobody can stop you. Because we are all worlds in an infinitely big universe, we are all important and we are all insignificant. There have been millions of people before us and there will be millions of people after us. So do yourself a favour, don’t worry about other people, don’t take orders from other people and start being your own person. Because nobody knows what you want or what you need apart from you.


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