Have courage and be kind

You know when you see a film and it just opens your eyes and fills you with fluff balls of rainbow happiness? I had that today. I’ve just come back from the cinema -which by the way is one of my all time favourite past times so if you want a best friend pay for me to go to the cinema- and I saw Disney’s new live action Cinderella. It was so beautiful and it was equally nice to see so many familiar faces! Me and my Mum were constantly in excited whispers of “he’s in pirates of the caribbean!” “he’s in game of thrones!”. But the best bit was the main phrase that was repeated throughout the movie “have courage and be kind” which I think is the most important piece of advice given in a movie. Alongside this it had many other beautiful morals and lessons such as the classic ‘Royalty should marry for love not money’ and ‘no-one can ever tell you to stop dreaming’.

Kindness, though, was the most showcased theme in the story and tells everyone out right that ‘kindness is free’. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I think, in a person, kindness should be the most sought after feature and to be kind costs nothing. This evidently worked out for Cinderella as, we all know the story, she gets to love and be loved and her step mother and sisters get nothing but their own wretched selves. The good thing about being kind is you don’t get the guilt that comes with being nasty. I don’t understand how people can be mean and hurtful. I can be angry and mean, but I always feel terrible about it afterwards, like having a bitter aftertaste on your tongue.

Having courage though, can be more difficult. Sometimes for me it can take watching -or remembering- a movie like this one. That’s why I like movies, they only take a few hours to watch and when they’re finished you’re left with a different outlook on life. It’s amazing what a film can do to you and I know what they mean when others say “the book was better”. If a film can give you two and a half hours of enjoyment then how much is a book going to give? I’ve heard people laughing at fans saying “[insert film/book name here] got me through a really tough patch in my life” but it’s true. Now that I’ve seen a new film and after the affect it had on me, I have new energy, a new saying to add to my arsenal, a new story to distract from the outside world. I’ve been caught daydreaming sometimes, but if “in dreams you will loose your heartaches” then I guess I’m a little happier dreaming more than the average person…

It’s like finding a new song and listening to it to death or learning a new word and saying it until it becomes your catchphrase. These things consume us but ultimately, they make us happy and the more we can bring the magic of these things into real life the better, I say. It’s a strange kind of loop, isn’t it? The cycle of escapism. You start liking things like films, games or bands and then because it makes you so happy, you start wanting to make your own and so the cycle continues. One day I hope to be in that cycle one way or another! I wish anyone else who wants to the best of luck, now go watch cinderella!


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