books books books

Books and I have a weird relationship. I think lots of people can relate to collecting things but not putting the things to any use. I grew up in a house full of books. As soon as you walk in, there are books everywhere. On a shelf above the stairs, in every hallway, piled up in bedrooms, even in the bathroom. My Dad is constantly putting up more and more shelves for my Mum to store books onto. And it is my Mum we can thank for this live- in library. Her side of my Parents bedroom has teetering piles of books anywhere she can fit them. Even when you remove some books from her bookcase there and more behind them. It would only make sense then, that I am most comfortable when around books.

I like being in my local Waterstones shop in town and now wish to and visit other shops in the chain when I go to a different place in the country. What’s strange is, I don’t really read many books. I am not a patient person, so I like to do things quickly and I am not a quick reader. it’s only when I really take to a book that I then go to the other extreme and read 50 or so pages a day. It’s either one or the other. In my town there is a second- hand book shop that has baskets of books outside to be sold for 50p each. I often use some of my tips to buy a book or two but I never have the intention of reading it. I might read it eventually, but for some time, I’ll just enjoy being in the new books company.

If I ever own a house, I’ll undoubtedly dedicate a room to books. I dream of having a library inside my house and having a big squashy armchair in a corner. I like the idea of collecting so many books that I could use my library like I use google. I’d put each book in a certain section and every time someone comes round I’d show them and they’d always find the perfect book for them. I’d like to be able to swap books with people and compare how we treat books. I like to wright, rip, fold and colour in books as I see fit. In my opinion, the more they’re used, the more they’re loved. In my future library you’ll always be able to tell which books I’ve read and which I haven’t.

I also just like the idea of keeping information, so I wouldn’t just keep books in my library, I’d keep scrolls, paintings, maps, artefacts. I’d stick lots of things on the walls so everywhere you look, you’re looking at something wonderful. I’ll never forget the episode of “avatar the last air bender” where they visit the great underground library of Wan Shi Tong. It had rooms dedicated to each tiny subject and even a room that shows previous and future planetary positions.


So, for those that are interested, Here are a few pictures of libraries that I have gotten inspiration from. My library is going to be a lot smaller, but I’d like to have a higgledy piggledy mis-matched library that incorporates elements of many of these.

cool library 1

big red chairs and things like a globe, typewriter and gramophone.

cool library 2

books stuffed absolutely everywhere and kooky signs

cool library 3

I love these cinema like chairs!

cool library 4

a book archway would be wonderful

cool library 5

A big floor trampoline!

I better get to drawing the designs!


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