reasons to stay alive

As some of you know, I’m on Tumblr and however happy, fun and great the site is, the subject of suicide comes up more than a few times. (If this is a touchy subject for you, don’t worry I promise this post is happier than it sounds!) You see these people who are close to suicide and get messages from their followers like “You’ll regret it”, “it’ll get better” and the most irritating one, “You have so much to live for”. A lot of people have never been sad enough to think that dying would be a better option, so a lot of people don’t know that these messages are really quite annoying. Although the thought is there and the receiver can see that you’re not trying to do any harm, they can’t help but think “can you just… think about what you’re saying?”.

Although these messages are nice, they aren’t really saying anything at all. They say “you’ll regret it” but don’t tell you why. They say “it’ll get better” but they don’t tell you when or how. They say “you have so much to live for” but they don’t tell you what you have to live for. Well, I’m here to tell you exactly that. Whether you’re having serious ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’ thoughts or whether you’re the happiest person ever and just want to know what the point of being on earth is, I’m going to give you answers -or I’m at least going to try.

First off, I’ll to tell you a story: there was once a girl who really liked Boy George. She wanted to be like him very much and felt like an outcast. She didn’t fit in at high school and she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin. Now she has a net worth of $230 million and couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of her to the point that she calls herself Lady Gaga. There was once a woman who had an office job that couldn’t contain her creative mind, she went to work miserable and got caught writing stories so she got fired. Now she sells her stories, they became movies, she has inspired tens upon thousands of people and has helped others find a reason to stay alive all with the help of her protagonist Harry Potter.

You see? One day you might fall in love but if you go now, that person won’t get to fall in love with you. One day you might be a great grandparent and have enough people that you’ve given life to that they could fill a small village and if you go now none of those people will exist. You might make a mind-blowing piece of artwork, or write a song that will go down in history. You might one day tell someone that they’re beautiful and change they’re perspective of life just by saying that. I say it will get better, because it does get better. For me, it got better when I was 16. For JK Rowling it got better when she was 32. For some people it won’t get better until they’re 80. That doesn’t mean that they’re not happy up until then, there are happy moments and people they love and great things that they do. It’s just that one thing in you’re life that you would do anything to change. Believe me, it will change.

You might need to work really hard, or go to a therapist or do something utterly crazy, but it’ll happen. One day you’ll look back and think “would I change all of that rubbishness leading up to this moment if I could?” and the answer is no, because all of that is what made you who you are today. All of that made you able to celebrate getting up and out of bed whilst it’s still morning because people who endure pain see that as an achievement. They’re happy to see flowers and get excited about receiving mail. They know what it’s like. So if you ever want a reason to stay alive, this is it; if you go now, you will never find out what you could achieve, no matter how big or small. No matter how insignificant or unhappy you think you are, you don’t know that you’ll be like that forever. Chances are you’ve already changed someone’s life and are less insignificant than you’d imagine. You don’t know what’s ahead and if you go now, you’ll never know.

p.s. this is an extremely emotive video about bully victims and survivors of depression that’s one of my favourites on you tube, check it out:



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