Me and my Mum where in the supermarket today and she got a ready cooked chicken. I was looking at this chicken and I thought, ‘that’s just a chicken in a bag.’ Isn’t it really strange? I find it bizarre that we see a dead animal rapped in a brown paper bag with a sticker on it that says “extra tasty” and don’t think anything of it. What’s even more strange is when we got home I got really cold so I started hugging this chicken and kind of stopped for a minute, looked down and said

“I’m hugging a hot dead chicken right now.”

That’s disturbing. I find the way wild animals eat much more natural, see it, kill it, eat it. We keep food alive until we deem it “ready”, kill it, send it to a shop, trade bits of paper for it, cook it then eat it whilst watching our favourite made up people do things inside a magic glowing box. Or we present it in the middle of the table and all sit around it looking like we’re about to praise some sort of mighty chicken god. Vegetables, eggs, chocolate, crisps it’s all totally odd. Having slices of cooked mashed up wheat for breakfast with spreadable pots of fat and a side order of MILK FROM A COW?

Like, what? When did we decide that drinking a calfs first meal was normal? Are we baby cows? No! And lettuce? Eating leaves? When was that a thing? We mass produce plants and animals -all of which have lives that we’ve researched- and eat them without so much as a ‘thank you’. I’m not vegetarian but still, it’s a bit peculiar thinking about eating something that’s destined to be in someone’s mouth from birth until death. I like free-range food. Then at least it can pretend to have a normal life until the time comes for it to be on a shelf marked “2 for 1”.

It’s all just a bit extraordinary. I mean look


I’m not saying what we do is sick and twisted but… it’s a bit sick and twisted. The way we’ve all become so desensitised that there are some children who genuinely think that meat was made by man to look how it looks on the shelves and that fruit and vegetables are produced and the first thing they are is a consumable instead of understanding that there are these magic things called seeds and trees and giving birth and the things that are in the supermarket are either dead or going to die. And all of this is just happens to be just right for humans to eat so that we can live longer to make more things to eat so that we can live longer to make more things to eat so that we can live longer so that we can make more things to eat…


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