I know I was going to blog more about what’s going on in my life and I said that I would maybe do additional posts about this. Instead you’ve got a late post because the truth is… nothing is really happening. The most exciting thing I’ve done is watch “Pitch perfect” and obsess over flash mob videos on You Tube. Actually, I did do something coolish, I sang in front of a camera and posted it to youtube, something I rarely do as I much prefer how I sound inside my head than outside, but I can show you guys that.

I’ve always enjoyed singing, I wish someone would make a device that would show people what you sound like to yourself, because I would be great if I had that! I’m more of the Shower singer type and I usually end p trying to sing all the parts because I can’t decide which ones are the best! That’s why I’ve called this post “Acanothing” because I’ve been singing a lot and thinking about how it would sound in acapella and nothing is happening in my life at the moment…

Okay, that’s depressing. I wish I could be involved in something really cool like a flash mob or an acapella group or a youtube channel like “improv everywhere” who do crazy things like reenact star wars on the subway or break out into song in a shopping mall. Things like that don’t happen where I live, maybe I should move to America! Or maybe I should bring the fun here, I just need someone with organisational skills and someone who can dance, anyone up for it? In England, we’re too conventional, if someone flash mobbed, you’d probably get arrested or thrown out of wherever you are. We need to have more fun and be more spontaneous. I think, if it makes someone happy, it shouldn’t be classed as a bad thing, right?

I would like to do more random things, more things that make me scared, but the type of things that make you feel really good afterwards. If people laugh at you, or make fun of you, all the better because you’re still making their day different and exciting. That’s the kind of thing I want to do all the time. I hope I can make my life more interesting and have more interesting things to say, but sometimes life will be boring. That’s why we need to actively make it interesting. Bake cookies and put them on your neighbours doorsteps, sing aloud more, even just challenge yourself to smile at every person you see that day. Let’s make the world more awesome and let’s have more reasons to laugh. I know I want to.


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