Body language

So, yes, hi. I saw a post on the blogging site called “Tumblr” which illustrated different useful ways you could read body language to better assess a situation. Here is an example:


So, I thought that something like this was obvious to everyone, that everyone knew how to read peoples facial expressions and body language and accurately assess what they’re feeling at that time. This is because reading people, knowing people and being empathetic are all completely natural talents to me. They are talents that I don’t have to work on at all. As for my other talents, I have to hone them and practice non – stop to get them right. So, naturally, I thought up until a few days ago that everyone had these skills. I was – obviously – wrong.

But, to be able to read people, I have to be physically with them, or I can’t do it. So texting and phoning people makes me quite uncomfortable. This is why when I text I use lots and lots of emoticons because then I can put my thoughts across and make them look natural. For example, if this were in a text:

“I’m so happy”

I would not send it without putting “:D” on the end, just to reiterate what I’m saying and help make the receiver feel more comfortable.

Thinking about this, I don’t really speak like I normally would in this blog. When I’m writing, I’m a lot more articulate and clear in my meaning. I also am much less enthusiastic and emotional when I write. If you do not know me, and have just picked up my personality from reading these posts then I feel like I should apologise for being such an opinionated preacher! It’s just how I seem to write, sometimes in e-mails I have to actually put at the start “I’m sorry if I seem to be speaking down to you, it’s just how I write sometimes”. It’s a little embarrassing actually. I am opinionated, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not really mean and cold-hearted! So, to make this blog seem more like… well… me, I’ve decided to re-introduce myself and post some pictures of myself.

This blog post is also to answer some advice which was “you should post more pictures”. I realise I can ramble on for way too long without breaking it up with something different, so I’m going to put way too many pictures in this one, with the hopes that I can put them in my future posts in moderation!

So, Hello, my name is Elisabeth and this is my face:


(I realise this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, but I’ve been a bit ill and sleep deprived recently) I don’t dry my hair because it’s so short and I’m lazy… I’m 5″1 or 5″2 I can’t remember, I’m just really short and to people who don’t understand feet that’s about 155cm

I prefer wearing nothing on my feet as it gives me a sense of freedom, I often go to the nearby shops in bare feet and if I could work in bare feet I can guarantee that my work would improve dramatically. One of my favourite parts about myself is my feet (the other being my eyes) so here you are:


Another thing about myself is that I love to draw, I draw everyday, even when I’m ill (usually) and would one day like to be an artist of some sort. Here is one of my favourite drawings I have done:


So I hope you’ve enjoyed having a bit of a look into who I am and what I do and I hope that in the future I can be more personal and make reading my posts more like me speaking instead of my usual writing! I will still be blogging about things I have passion for and things I have opinions on, but I might start toning those down, or even adding more posts about me myself and I in-between those on different days.

I look forward to the future of No, just Elisabeth thanks and thank you for being wonderful and supportive thus far. 🙂


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