Main differences between humans and animals are that humans try and sometimes succeed and animals just do it. Humans try to change the way they are, the way the world works, the way we live our lives. Animals work purely off instinct. They’re hungry, they eat, they’re tired, they sleep. Nothing complicated or strange, just the way it’s always been since the beginning of time. They find their own food, they have what they need to survive and they are happier for it. Have you ever seen an animal sad when it’s doing it’s own thing uninterrupted by human activity? No.

But us humans, man, we are strange. We are born and know what we need to survive, then when we grow up, we are taught the exact opposite. Loose weight. Work more. Have more friends. Be Better.

The truth is, we’re us. And how can we be better than that? Animals understand, if there’s a different one in the group they just say “ah, that’s just Jerry, he’s like that.” and move on. And even if they don’t, Jerry won’t care. Because in the end, Jerry will be Jerry. He’s just doing what he needs to do to survive, who cares if he’s different? Jerry sure doesn’t. Is there any ‘normal’ way to be anyway? What is the average? The top dogs say “just do your best” but do they really mean that? Of course not. What they’re actually saying is “Do what I consider to be good.” “be what I want you to be, regardless of your weaknesses or skills”.

Why can’t we be more instinctive? We are animals too. We were born to eat, sleep, love and create. It doesn’t matter if some of us are not good enough to be a Lawyer, or if some of us are. It doesn’t matter if some of us are naturals at music and some of are natural at equations. It doesn’t matter if some of us aren’t what other people want us to be. Because that’s the way we are born. We are born to be us.

It saddens me when humans try and change something that isn’t changeable. Example: a parent has a child, the parent has expectations for that child, the child doesn’t meet the expectations, the parent moves them out. Or: a teacher has a student, the teacher has expectations for that student, the student doesn’t meet the expectations, the teacher moves them out. And again in adulthood: a boss has an employee, the boss has expectations for the employee, the employee doesn’t meet those expectations, the boss moves then out. What’s the main occurring theme here? The people in these examples expect different things than the outcome. These people are forgetting the fundamental rules of being a person- they can’t change who they are, no matter what you expect from them. So they can expect away, because they’re not going to change a thing, they’re just going to make everything worse.

When humanity tries to change what is natural, only terrible things happen. But when they try to develop these things, to teach them, to nourish and care for them, both teacher and pupil come out looking better than before. These things of course only apply when someone wants to change. Some people don’t, some people do and that’s ok. We need to tell everyone that IT’S OK TO BE YOU. Because that’s all they can be. I can’t be my brother or my friend. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t be… Luna Lovegood, for example. I can be like her, but that isn’t me. I am this.

Look in the mirror and smile the biggest, goofiest smile because guess what? That’s you. Isn’t it great? That’s your body, those are your eyes and your hands and your heart. This will always be you. and even if the outside doesn’t look right, the inside is. And no one, not anyone, can take that away from you.


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