Everybody’s left

Originally the title to the blog was “everybody’s wrong” but that sounded just slightly egotistical on my part hence the BFG Roald Dahl reference. I was thinking today how everyone on this planet in some way or another thinks that they are right and that makes them wrong. I was laughing at the irony of it because it just means that some people are just wrong-er than others no one is or can be completely right about anything. I can say “My name is Elisabeth” and think yeah, that’s right. But for all I know to other people I’m not Elisabeth, before coming on this world to live (Google “LDS premortal life” for more details) I could’ve had a different name and who knows, in a few years time I may think ‘you know what, I hate my name’ and legally change it to Hermione… Okay I know I’ll never do that because I freaking love my name, which technically has just made me contradict myself but humor me here.

So, just like my lovely religion states that we cannot know the entirety of the universe and all of its meanings because our tiny human brains can’t take all of the information, I am stating pretty much the same thing really. That there is no way that we can be certain of anything because the universe and human nature and such can change at such a rapid state that for all we know in 10 years time we could be living in the ocean and this is funny to me because we all -including myself- think that we are right about something, or several things and that makes us wrong about everything. These things make me smile, I’m strange like that, but in some ways its fun to remember that one day you’re you and the next you could be a hippy space person flying to Pluto and you could never ever predict that that won’t happen.

What also makes me smile and makes my face crumple up in confusion is that I believe that everything has been mapped out and planned by a being I know as “God” yet I still equally believe that I have freedom. I have the freedom right now to go and get a yogurt and eat it instead of finishing my blog, but what has also happened before is that that decision has already been planned out to  make me think “nah, I’m on a roll here and I haven’t uploaded in a few weeks so I should probably continue” which technically takes my freedom and throws it out the window. BUT I still feel free to get up and eat that yogurt. I don’t understand how that can be and how we can all be wrong by saying that we’re right and how if I say “this statement is false” it makes the statement true but it’s still saying “false”. I guess this is where I get some of my faith from.

I get my faith from being mindbogglingly confused on a regular basis because I figure if I lived in a universe where everything could be understood, then I totally wouldn’t believe in God and I would just think that me being here was pointless. But you can’t predict anything. You can’t ever conclude anything. And you most definitely can’t know everything there is to know about the universe and THAT is why I believe the world was created by someone. Have you ever had a creation that you know everything about? Of course you have. You can create characters and machinery and art and only you will know everything about them, because you created them. Take a character for instance someone else could say “you’re character has red hair” and you could say no, he has brown and it would be true because it’s YOUR character. And here’s the awesome thing about God’s creation: we’re all wrong apart from one person. There is one person that knows everything. And can eventually tell us everything about it because that one person made it so. That’s God.

There’s just something about that that makes perfect sense to me. and feel free to rant about the world and say what you think is right, but you’ll just think back to this and remember that you’re wrong.

Which would make me right…



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