Is it just me, or does this year feel extra Christmassy? Its been the same as every year, but for some reason, everyone seems happier, more excited and more into the holiday season. Me and my Mum have decided to do something Christmassy every day from the first of December until the big one. I’m going to put down some of my ideas here in case someone else want to do the same thing! (This post isn’t just a list, so you’re totally welcome to skip it and read the rest below)

1) Decorate house

2) Christmas jumper shopping

3) A Christmas drawing

4) Making gingerbread biscuits

5) a winter scene in a shoe box

6) Go for a walk in silly hats

7) Write or make Christmas cards

8) Read Christmas stories

9) Watch a Christmas movie (I recommend miracle on 34th street just because its my favourite)

10) Put together a CD of your favourite Christmas songs (I plan to make a playlist on youtube, anyone can do this if you have a google account)

11) Have Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (the trick to make it not drip is to leave about 2 centimetres at the top)

12) Make paper snowflakes and paper chains

13) Play old board games or card games

14) Go for a drive and admire all the lights in your neighbourhood or town, bring blankets in the car as well

15) But a bird feeder out to help them in the winter (a good simple one is to coat a pine cone in peanut butter and then roll that in bird seed, tie a loop around the top to hang it on a tree)
16) Wrap Christmas presents
17) Go Christmas carolling
18) Put together a few packages for the homeless with some useful things like socks, blankets, gloves, biscuits, juice, hand wash, a Christmas card ect. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, all of these things can be bought at a local pound shop
19) …and go around town giving them out and spreading Christmas cheer!
20) Go and visit the nearest Christmas market (I like to go to the one in Birmingham)

That’s all I have for now, I’ve only put things that can be done anywhere and everywhere with very little cost, of course there are things like skating at an ice rink and going to a pantomime, but not everyone can do things like that. I was out today at the Christmas market in my town, and a choir of teenagers where singing a song about the miracle of Jesus’ birth in a really upbeat happy way and it was just beautiful to see them so excited about it. It might not even be that any of them believe in Jesus, but they where just there spreading the word that-

“hey, World, remember what Christmas is about? Yeah, good job that’s why we call it Christmas, genius”

and not everyone has to believe it, I’m just glad we’re beginning to bring back what Christmas is actually about; giving, family and joy. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it, but this year I’m putting in a bit more effort seeing as I’m feeling oh so cosy and sparkly this year. I also got an elf hat from my Mum because she was out with a friend who might as well be called “Mrs. Christmas” and she was saying that we should be more festive, so I’m doing my bit and wearing my hat to work tomorrow.

So, I wish you a very merry Christmas, and will probably be posting some more festive cheer next week!


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