Elisabeth, the musical!

Have you ever thought that life would be so much better if it had background music? Like if you needed to sleep life would just play calming music, if you’re in a rage then it would play a power ballad or if you’re really sad then it’d play something like “fix you” by Coldplay. I would give anything -figuratively, lets not be hasty chaps- to be able to sing in public about any old rubbish in perfect verse and have everybody else miraculously know the words and join in.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, like a musical, when your life meets an unexpected twist you turn and look into the distance whilst life plays the “dun dun DUUUUN” sound effect. Or when you fall in love, you get to mope around singing sappy songs and everything going your way. Those reactions would be prefect. If only. It’s weird, isn’t it? That pretty much everybody would find this awesome yet nobody starts doing it because they’re “embarrassed” or “afraid” of what people would think of them. I would love to be really animated, take chances and live my life to the fullest but I’m too caught up in being liked instead of just being who I am.

I’m willing to bet that 97% of the population are completely different on the outside than they are on the inside. Well, we can learn from musicals that that gets us nowhere fast. Everything always works out in musicals, films or games and even if its a sad ending, it’s the ending that’s meant to happen because that’s how the writer intended it to be. In real life, there isn’t a writer, so we have to do it ourselves. Whatever is happening in the musical of our lives is up to us, so if you want to sing and dance in the middle of the street then go on! Literally no-one’s stopping you.

This week, it’s a little different. I have some homework for you… When it’s time to do that horrible thing you’re dreading, take a song and change the lyrics to suit the situation, it makes a whole lot of difference, trust me. Life’s a musical, so sing. And if it’s a bad song at the moment, then don’t worry, because it’s not forever. Songs will end, but the musical will carry on.


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