The future is now

Last Saturday something pretty awesome happened to me, I met someone from the internet for the first time. Before you all lecture me about “internet safety” I’ve known her for about a year and Skyped her ect. we planned the whole day out so we were both comfortable with what we were doing. After talking for so so long, we were ecstatic to be finally meeting and the day was so amazing. I feel privileged to be living in an age where meeting people from all around the world is possible. Some of the most interesting people I know are from the internet and maybe its because they’re on the internet that makes them interesting but isn’t that still a wonderful opportunity? To really and truly express yourself without the burden of people seeing your face, judging you, or laughing at you.

“The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” -Eric Schmidt

I love that quote because I love that it means, for some people the internet is an infinite resource for pictures of cute cats, for some it’s the answer to a tough homework problem and for others it’s the one way to communicate to your brother in video form. There’s so many ways to use the internet that lots of us won’t, and might not ever, understand. For me, it’s a place to express myself, to share my passions and to meet awesome people. But for some people it’s something to be feared and hidden. For my Mum it’s “an infinite source of information, but also a source of much stress and hassle”.

For me and my friend on Saturday, it served as the place where we discovered each other, a place where we could communicate across seas and eventually plan to meet. It meant so much to us that it exists because we now know each other and miss each other, but still are able to talk.

Yes, the internet can be dangerous, cruel and demeaning. But it can also bring joy, love and happiness. It can be the answer to our problems, or just a stupid video of a cat who can talk to brighten our day.



  1. I quiet like your insight into the use of the internet, and i completely agree with and i think its great that you found a friend through the internet. I enjoy reading blogs i used to have one of my own before its nice to see what people are experiencing or thinking about. xx

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