So seeing as I’m a day late to write a new post and still have absolutely no idea what to write, I thought I’d write this about time keeping. Now, I know a couple of my friends are pretty terrible time-keepers so if you’re easily offended, stop reading because I’m giving the tough love. Just about the only thing I really excel at is being on time for things. I have not always been the best at time keeping, in fact I was always late for school, but since a few years ago I’ve been extremely strict on the matter.

Now, I know that “late people” do sometimes have legitimate excuses, but when you’re late so often that you can predict your lateness I would have thought that you’d do something to try and get better. I was talking about this with my Mum – who turns up to work 5 minuets late every time which makes me feel sick – and her excuse was “I don’t think they’d be worried if I didn’t turn up for about half an hour.” Which made me really angry because that isn’t even a proper excuse. If you’re reliably bad, then what does that say about you? I have friends that when we’re meeting up, I’ll tell them to come half an hour earlier than I’ll be there because I know they’ll be late.

My Father always used to stand at the door saying “C’mon, or we’ll be late to be early!” But my maternal Granddad was pathologically late for everything – to the point that he was even late leaving and my Mum would have to actually ask him to leave. Whereas with me, if something doesn’t start or end on time I get really twitchy and annoying.

I don’t get that some people are fine with being “the late one” I don’t think it’s a nice image. Maybe it’s just me being my worried self, but I see it as a good thing that when I see my friends, they all know to fully charge their phones the night before, text me when they’re awake and text me when they’re leaving…


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