People are really strange. I mean really strange. We laugh at other peoples pain, or things that are a part of natural life. We cry at almost everything. We’re effected by things that we ourselves have created. We copy each other, we harm each other and we love each other. Each one of us are different. And we’re all. So. Weird.

We’re all so sure of ourselves, yet the surest of us are probably the most confused. We create funny pictures, dramatic movies, romantic songs and what for? To motivate and inspire people to do the same. It’s a circle but it seems so important. The ones who have misshapen the circle and moved out of it have just done so to help the rest of us move further in it. Why do we do anything? What’s the point? To live? What does that mean? What is living? To be beautiful? Successful?

See. This is what I’m talking about. One of us is questioning our very existence and it’s probably not very unusual. There are lots of other species that just… be. They know what they’re purpose is, they do it and then they die. Very straight forward, very normal. But we do the exact opposite. We know our purpose, we are then taught a completely different purpose and strive for it, we try to reach that purpose, we either succeed and are happy or fail and question everything. Obviously, there are many other ways it could go too, but these are the main paths.

Have you ever questioned how ridiculous it all is? Even if you think you haven’t, you probably have. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re strange. We question and question and question, until we start to have answers, or make the answers ourselves. I guess that’s the wonderful part about being human, we’ll always get to find new answers so we can get even stranger.


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