As of today, I have a week and a half until the London MCM comic convention which in my opinion is the best thing born of humanity apart from all the things that are showcased in it. Last week, I was walking to work, I thought of going and my stomach did a little flip whilst – much to my embarrassment – I let out a little squeal. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the most magical experience and the greatest thing I’ve ever done by far.

It could be a number of things that make the day magical, the journey to London for example is hilarious because as soon as you and the people you’re going with walk onto the platforms clad in costume from games, t.v. programmes and anime, the bored travellers gladly let the sudden change in their routine bring a pleasingly shocked expression to their faces. At first its embarrassing, but I have a way to get around that: get into character straight away. If you’re in character, then it’s normal for them to look the way they do and so you automatically are comfortable with the situation. Also, when you get closer to London, you begin to see various people wearing a wig, face paint and a massive bag who are perfectly entitled to spot you, point at you and shout “COMIC COOON!” and you are welcome to do the same.

Cosplay is also one of the main parts of it all, when you get there you begin to spot endless streams of your favourite characters who are played by the nicest bunch of people who will let you photograph them and talk with them in character. The more in character they are, the better it is and if you are going in costume and cosplaying as your character (which, of course, you are not obliged to do) you are expected to do the same. To achieve this for myself, I have been watching the anime that my character comes from constantly and flicking through countless “best moments of” videos on You tube. I also memorise certain favourite lines that I can quote to excitable fans.

But most of all, I think what makes comiccon comiccon is how hard people work for it. It’s easy to say I’ve been researching like mad, but people spend months tirelessly working on their costumes- not to mention massive amounts of money. The volunteers and workers walk through the tube stations on the London under ground with posters giving out directions. They are happy to talk and help out confused con- goers but at the same time they are extremely organised and motivated to getting people round and where they need to be.

Hard work is really what makes something good. And comic con is all about effort and – of course – good honest fun.


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