That just says it all really. In my opinion, I could just leave this blog post with just that glorious word and it would still be a great read. But no, I am going to give you the pleasure (if I may) of indulging in what I think are the finer aspects of the most fantastic time of year- Autumn. As I came out of my house to walk to work today, I literally stuck out my nose and gave the crisp Autumn morning a healthy sniff. Just been rained on grass has to be the most amazing smell in the archive of smells- if there is such a thing. All the best things are in Autumn, I am going to list them here and then expel all my excitement that I have building up all year in a single sound:

“Supernatural” a t.v. program I like comes back on, The Mop comes into town, Trees get red/orange, Comic Con, Halloween, Wearing jumpers and scarves, Fireworks night, Wearing fluffy socks ect.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (that was the aforementioned noise) UGH just all of these things -and more, I’m sure I could go on- are just SO enjoyable and lovely to me…

Lets pick out a few, like the Mop for example. For those poor people who don’t know, the Mop is a traveling fair ground that takes over your home town for a few days and seems to take any sad feeling and turn it into candyfloss. It opens at night, and the atmosphere is just incredible. When you walk down, you can see the really big lights projected onto the clouds and hear the faint music. Just as you enter you see a magnificent array of lights and colors. Old, young, teenage, the Mop is for everyone and it’s amazing to see so many people smiling in such a large space. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

And don’t even get me started on Comic con, I could go on for days… It’s the one place on earth where I feel truly at home. Where I can be myself. Surrounded by fellow nerds dressed up as all your favourite characters, people selling sweets from Japan and the excitement of seeing a well known face. At Comic con, people appreciate weirdness. It’s only natural to be strange there.  You could be talking to Doctor Who one minute and be hugging Pikachu the next.

General climate is good in Autumn too, you get to wear too big jumpers and drink an excess amount of hot chocolate. Wearing blankets around the house is one of my favourite Autumn warm past time, you get to pretend to be a wizard with the added bonus of being cosy. Watching all of your favourite films wearing pajamas and doing the fluffy sock floor slide.

It’s just… It’s my time. I look forward to Autumn all year and now it’s finally here and I’m just SO happy! I wish you all the happiest of Autumn’s as well, may it bring back the inner child in you and help you embrace the wonders of a freshly carved pumpkin, the world after rain and dancing in golden leaves.


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