Me and my Mum where talking about what I’m doing in my life at the moment in order to achieve happiness and, as Mothers do, she was trying to talk me through what I should be doing. When she had finished I was trying to explain to her that I wanted to do it on my own, that I want to achieve happiness through my own means. I don’t honestly know whether this is through writing a book, illustrating or something else, but I’d love to be able to come across it by myself.

Growing up, my Mum’s Dad lead her and her siblings to believe that anything was achievable, but there hope rose with very little knowledge of actually doing what needed to be done to fulfill them. I think, because of this, my Mum is hoping that if she instructs me and my siblings, then we are more likely to be able to do what we want. Maybe this has worked for my brothers, or it would have worked on my Mum, but for me, I’m quite happy to feel around in the dark with someone cheering in the background. I’d rather have that emotional support than the knowledge -reason number 62 why further education didn’t appeal to me.

I don’t want the knowledge, not because I already have it, but because I want to find it without help. This is the only thing I feel completely independent on. With most other things I need a step by step instruction manual with detailed drawings and audio commentary.

I think this is what parents inadvertently do wrong- they try and bring up their children in a different way to how they where brought up. Which is sadly unavoidable because we will always try and improve upon what we see as bad. I will try and improve upon my parents, my children will try and improve upon me and so on. But the awful truth is that everyone is different and we can never predict what help someone will need until they actually need it.


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