Religion is a science

A lot of people I know wonder what the point of religion actually is, that even if god does exist, why do we have faith? I compare it to science, look around for something that is made of wood, if a scientist has a theory that it is in fact made of plastic, then that is all it is- a theory. If God on the other hand said that it was made of plastic, then it would be so. If a scientist says that birds are water dwelling animals, then nothing would happen and he would be disproved by the fact that they can fly. But if God were to say it, then birds would grow gills and scales and dive into the nearest water source. Science is the knowledge and discovery of things that already exist. 1+1=2 end of discussion. Religion is keeping with matters that could change. 1+1  could equal 6 or 3 or 5,000 and who would know about it first? Well, we would. God could deem it appropriate to have eating crisps a sin and I have a knowledge that when that happens, we will be the first to know so that we don’t sin after every mouthful of crunchy saltiness.

I believe, because it is logical to my mind. I know, not only in my heart and my spirit, but also in my brain that God exists, and just because people don’t believe in him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t. If I were to deny the gospel, Jesus would still be the Christ, God would still be Heavenly Father, Moses would still have parted the red sea and Noah would still have built the ark. The only difference is my personal belief.

That is why Religion is in some ways the best science of all: because it. Will. Always. Be. True. And science has the audacity to call itself logical when it denies this simple fact. This does not mean that Religion and science can’t live side by side, that is what Mormons practice on a daily basis. It’s science that is denying itself the truth and that is what I don’t get.


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