A convenient hobby

For a while now, writing has been a very big part in my life, but up until about 4 years ago I only wrote when I was told to. It was when I started to excel in creative writing that I realised that I wanted to become a published author. I’ve written some childrens books in the hope’s of combining them with my art and they have been very well received (unfortunately no publishing yet, but it’s early days). But now I have finally decided to step it up a notch. The first big thing I wrote -which is online, brownie points to those of you who can find it- was completely awful, but it helped me to become the writer I am today.

So, after a conversation with someone who’s opinion I think of very highly, I’m putting it in writing (haha) that I am trying again and I have made a pretty good start… I hope! The thing I find hardest is patience. Anyone who’s spoken to me either in person or via instant message will know that I am extremely impatient which does not bode well for a writer. I’ll put in a lot of work, thinking I’ve done something that is about the same length of the bible and I’ll re-read it only to find out I’ve done two sides of A4. 

I already know how the book ends and I’m so excited that I just want to get there! In the conversation of the aforementioned person I think of highly, we discussed that it was easier to write what you have in mind and then bulk it out. I just have to know how to get to that ending now! 

Wish me luck, I will talk at you another time, until then so long~


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