I was thinking – yes, it’s been known to happen – about me as a Mormon going to a party with alcoholic drinks involved. I’ve been to one or two and where I feel most safe is with 5 of my closest friends who are not Mormons. Not once have they been tempted to spike my drink or even go near it because they know I’m paranoid. Even when they themselves are drunk and loosing their own minds, they still know it’s important to not mess with what I’m having.

I thought of how incredibly lucky I am to have friends like this. Every time they have a party, they tell me if there’s going to be alcohol and don’t pressure me to go if I’m uncomfortable. Not once has one of them offered me a sip of their drink, or to buy me one, knowing that I could make a choice that I could regret.

This goes for other aspects of the Church as well. The amount of respect they have for me and Mormonism is so wonderful to see.

This also made me think of people who are not Mormons going to an all Mormon party. I think they would be surprised to see that we are normal people and to learn that you can indeed have fun – in my opinion more so – without being under the influence of substances potentially harmful to them.

I think respect in general for other people, no matter what or who they are, be it different genders, sexes, religions or nationalities is a fundamental part of being a better human. We don’t have to believe or practice the same thing, just have respect for other peoples choices.


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