I’m not an adult

It might sound weird, but I am very young for my age. I worry about things like “does he like me?” when I should be worrying about “have I payed rent?” or “I really should update my blog” when it should be “I should sort out that thing for work”. I’ve always found it difficult to act my age, but now I have to be all responsible and old it’s just sort of hit me. I see myself at around the age of fourteen -That’s five years below my actual age. Which in some ways is ok because I get mistaken for that age quite a lot but in other ways it’s a problem because I’m to start driving soon and I’m fearful that I’ll be a danger to the general public.

I get emotional over the silliest things, my priorities are messed up big time and I just generally think that if it was possible to change my age to maybe even two or three years younger then at least it would be an accurate label for who I am inside.

I guess no-one really knows what going on in each other’s head, that’s why I like talking so much. So I know and everyone else knows where we all stand. There’s just much less hassle when we are all out spoken and honest. Even if i’s bad news, I’m much more comfortable knowing it than being completely ignorant to what’s going on. So I think everyone should know that I’m absolutely not ready to deal with the pressure of being an adult!


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