Thinking about you

Do you realise that someone, somewhere, right now, is thinking about you? No matter how significant that person might be, they might be a stranger you passed on the street who is now thinking “wow, I really loved their top” or someone who’s every thought ends up to be about you. Isn’t that just a great feeling? Let that sink in.

Whilst I am writing about this blog, I am thinking about you. When JK Rowling was writing Harry Potter, she was thinking about weather her fans will receive the book well, or badly. A mother is most likely thinking about her child. You matter to people.

I saw an elderly man walking up to a road and a teenager on a bike rode past in- front of him and it looked to have buffeted the man slightly. I watched as he crossed the road, wanting to make sure he would do so safely and I started to think of people whom I would risk my life for in order to save theirs. Obviously, certain people popped into my head first, but after a while I found that- if I was brave enough in the situation- I would be willing to do it for anyone. I would have done it for that old man had he been in trouble, because I realised that there is no greater gift to give than the gift of life. Think of all the people who that person knows that you’ve just saved from suffering grief.

There’s a quote that I have always loved from Doctor Who that states “In five hundred years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who’s not important.” And, with all my heart, I totally agree.


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