Here’s the more sickening, soppy, frilly side of my character: Out of my 10 favourite movies 8 of them have romance, my one goal above all is that I want to get married and my most frequent day-dream is that of someone – whoever it is at the time – I have romantic feelings towards. Yes. I, Elisabeth, am a hopeless romantic. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get away from it. I hate talking about it or expressing it, but in my head I am but a bunch of flowers and a hand-hold away from becoming every Disney princess you can think of.

Saying that, though, I’m cripplingly shy around people that I have any vague chance of being with. I guess that’s just another exciting part of being me… I dream up all of these amazing fantasies and then when I get the chance to live them, I muck it up completely because I’m just too awkward. For example: In sixth form there was a very good looking boy in the year above me who I had the biggest crush on, I mean, it was embarrassing to be around me. One day when I had to leave the common room to go to a lesson, he was standing right next to the door. I was doing so well, I almost made it outside when- “HEE HEE HEE” 

Yep, I giggled.How gross is that? Ugh, anyway…

I guess in our own way, we are all hopeless romantic’s when it comes down to it. But I can’t help feeling like I’m the most hopeless of the lot. Even if my friends so much as mutter “So who do you like at the moment?” I’ll try so very hard to get away from the subject, but they’ll wheedle it out of me eventually because they know how much I secretly love it. I don’t even like talking about it to my parents, so yet again, this blog is a means to pour my soul out into a place where I feel comfortable. I just really hope my laptop isn’t a horcrux, because if it is then I’m screwed.


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