Wow. what an unbelievably hard word. It’s so… final. Just to clarify, I’m not finished blogging. Not by a long shot. No, I’m going to be leaving what has brought me the biggest roller-coaster of emotions I’ve ever felt in the short space of 9 months.  Soon, I’m to leave College. And although it has been the shortest course I’ve done. It’s easily been the best. Easily. We were asked to right an evaluation of our past year and I found myself just spewing out thanks to how much they have helped me to blossom. I would just like to use this blog post to name and shame the people who have helped me and added to my experience on planet earth, so here goes…

In no particular order, thanks to:

Sue and Paul, my Course leaders.

Maria, Paulina, Alice, Henna, Jess, Amber, Emily, Max, Ed, Jordan and Nick (the people I feel I spent the most time with or was closest with during the course. I do not mean to offend anyone because they are all important to me but I feel these people in particular should get named)

And pretty much everyone I met there. They have all been a massive part of my life that I will never forget. I hope to see all of their names in lights some day and wish the best for their futures. Or not, because I want to get there first 😉




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