Take a breath. Amazing. Do you know what that is? It’s called breathing. That’s how we stay alive. Just exhale and inhale. When you’re stressed, to calm down you don’t have to take pills or pay a thousand pounds to go and talk to someone, you can just stop. And breath. Do what you we’re designed to do. Money hasn’t been proven to be a stress-reliever, not painting or walking or smoking, but breathing.

Ice-cream is everywhere. There are different flavours: crunchy nut, strawberry, chocolate, and just like us, there are no two ice-creams that are the same. Because no two strawberries, nuts or coco beans are the same. You could get ten thousand plastic tubs of blue berries and record the exact taste of each piece of fruit and none of them would be identical to the other. You could record all of the people on the planets finger prints and just like the humble blue berry, none of them would be a copy of the next.

Here’s a website: Do you know what you’re looking at? This is counting all of the people on the earth. All of those people will breath at some point. All of those people will drink water- no matter how dirty or clean. All of those people have a Mother- dead or alive, kind or mean. All of those people have a future.

Can you see them? No. But they’re there. All with hopes and dreams. Some of them could be playing football, some of them could be counting how much money they have left. Some of them could be eating ice-cream. I am a person. And whilst you, a person, is reading this, I could be stressing about coursework, drawing, eating, procrastinating. Isn’t it a weird thought? That while I am living my life, you are living yours. There are other people. That amazes me. That we can be so different, yet so similar. In the future, we could be battling it out for the same job. You could be successful whilst I am not, or the other way around. You are reading my journey, yet you are on one yourself.

My dream is to be an inspiration to people. To amaze, to enlighten. And I am hoping to get there either through success or failure, through hard times or easy, whether I’m famous or unknown. By taking one little baby step at a time. Whilst newly born citizens of planet earth are taking their first.

People are amazing.


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