No, I don’t mean the anime, but that’s a good one if you’re looking for something to watch.

Freedom is a strange thing. It shouldn’t be something we can have too much of, but unfortunately Humanity can’t seem to have a good thing without ruining it. My pet peeve is Freedom of speech. What can/can’t you say? I would think it’s pretty dam obvious: you have your freedom just don’t go offending everyone you come across.

There’s a line out of a song I really like called “From God’s Perspective” by Bo Burnham, I’m going to make it PG here, but if you would like to listen then it is definitely NOT AT ALL child friendly! It goes:

“The books you think I wrote are way too big, who needs a million metaphors to work out that you shouldn’t be a pig?”

When I hear people say nasty things and then someone goes “get over it, they can say what they want, it’s a free country” it really annoys me. Yes fair enough, they are fully entitled to their mean, hateful opinions, just don’t go shoving them into people’s faces… it’s pretty obvious. And one of those people might read this post and think I’m wrong, but hey, I can say this right? It’s a free country.

See what I mean? Annoying.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I get annoyed and twitchy VERY easily. It’s one of my worst traits. …But at least I don’t go around being racist, sexist, rude about people’s religion’s, calling everyone fat etc. It’s like saying “boy’s will be boys”. Whenever I hear those words come out of a Mothers mouth I want to shake her and say “NO. Boys are humans and they are to be held accountable for their actions like everyone else!”

As always, this is just my opinion -though I’m really stuck on this one- and as much as I’d like to make my opinion law, I cannot . You are just as entitled to have your own opinion. Just try not to be a prat. *sigh*

p.s. I feel like this is where I rant… I would like to talk about things in a less ranty way, but it seems I get too excited!


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