What a week

So, we don’t meet again… I haven’t been expecting you… Heeeer’es Elisabeth!

Anyway, it’s been one hell of a week and that’s mostly due to the fact that I was trusted to make dinner and do laundry and such but also have had a radical change in my diet. For the past two weeks I have cut out food with an excess of sugar in them. For example, no cake, biscuits, sugary drinks, white bread, sugar in my hot chocolate ect. And it’s actually been a real wake up call. Especially since yesterday (Saturday) was my last day and so today being Easter I had a bit of chocolate. Usually I would eat loads but today I found the whole sensation a bit boring. I mean, it was great to get to eat it again and I still really enjoy the taste, but I just don’t have that temptation any more.

I was SUCH massive sweet tooth but now, the effect that sugar had on me just two weeks ago has completely disappeared. C’mon, two weeks. That’s nothing! And if all it takes to make me feel a bit queasy now is a few small Easter treats then I can’t help but think what it was doing to me before. I was dizzy a lot of the time, I had mood swings and I was incredibly lazy (I still am but not as much). Here’s my average sugar intake before this diet:

Hot Chocolate in the morning, chocolate bar at lunch, 3 biscuits/ cookies after school, pudding from Dinner, Hot Chocolate before bed.

Where-as now I’m most likely just going to have a treat at work (they have a lot of tempting left-overs) and on a Sunday. That’s it. I don’t even feel sad about it. I’ve stopped snacking, I’m more energetic, I drink more, my mood is more consistent and I’ve lost 3 pounds. I’ve done nothing drastic apart from the diet, although I am trying to exercise a bit more now. Honestly, if you feel like you’re a slave to sugar and snacks, then I strongly recommend doing it.

This is the first ever diet I’ve been on and I’m no health guru, so this is probably the only post I’ll do on this subject but it has definitely been a massive turning point in terms of my general well-being and I really hope to keep it up in the future!


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